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    What music do you listen to?

    Can't read, play or sing music, but love anything from Gregorian Chants, acapella, classical, Baroque right thru to jazz, rock, country, blues and rap. Anyone who can play music - ANY music - has magic, I reckon.
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    I don't think I will ever be able to look a dim sim in the face after this thread.
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    First Aid while 4wding

    True about CPR, etc., if you are on your own. Travelling with others gives you some chance as you can't self-administer CPR. Obviously, don't travel alone if you can avoid it.
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    Best way cleaning camping cookware?

    Damn!! I forgot that! ;)
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    I bought a UNIMOG!

    That's what you'd call a TRUCKtor!
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    Insurance for a 4wd

    I feel your pain, PHS! Mine just went up over 20% without notice, although I did have a claim after turning an unfortunate Subaru into two-seater! I guessed that was the reason, but it seems as though they have upped it across the board.
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    Vacuum Sealer Recommendations

    Yep! I swear by my vac sealer! I don't have any brand recommendations. Mine is a cheapie I've had for a few years. I make my own sausages and prepare meals then seal and freeze. Last for months when sealed. With only the two of us, there are plenty of leftovers (i.e. lasagna), so it is sealed...
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    Portable toilets

    Most caravan parks have one and campgrounds in town showgrounds are generally set up with dump points. Many camping apps have a function to locate dump points. Not always reliable, but worth getting. If I can't find one, I empty it at home in the toilet when 'she' is out shopping! I have found...
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    Portable toilets

    It's less about the concept of 'best' than it is about what fits your circumstances. I haven't found a portable that I am fully comfortable with, but they are a necessity when free camping. When buying one, you need to consider the sizes: i.e. its capacity, dimensions, where you store it and...
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    Dual battery setups explained

    Well done! NOW I have a good idea of what the dual system is and does.
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    First Aid while 4wding

    That is the classic role of a First Aider.
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    NO 4WD. Wife for sale!!

    Thanks, Aaron. Starting to feel like school kid again! Browsing everything I can atm.
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    NO 4WD. Wife for sale!!

    I'd let him live at my place.... :D
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    NO 4WD. Wife for sale!!

    I don't have a 4X4 but remain hopeful! The Bride is reluctant as we travel OS 5 star every year. (Africa next month, Mad Farmer!) Too soft. We did a lot of trips around Oz when the offspring were keeping us poor. 2X4 Datsun ute. Never thought I'd want a 4X4, but the yearning has reached fever...