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  1. Rusty Panels

    Towing Mirrors "What's your view"? (Pun intended)

    We have our new van on it's way and should have the 100 Series in a couple of weeks (Thank's lockdown). I have done a fair bit of towing over the years and driven many trucks of varying sizes so I know the importance of being able to see what's going on in your side mirrors. I am looking at...
  2. Rusty Panels

    GMF Bonnet Antenna Bracket Ford Everest and Ranger

    Aussie made GMF Bonnet Antenna Bracket. This was fitted to my Ford Everest prior to selling it. It is the same bracket on Ford Rangers from 2015 to present. It is the super strong stainless steel antenna mount that attaches to the bonnet hinge bolts and enables you to have the antenna mounted up...
  3. Rusty Panels

    Off Road Vans are they any good?

    The wife and I are looking at buying an off road van. We have been sifting through all the various brands and have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing an easy or perfect choice. We are just on retirement age so not as spritely as we once were. Therefore we're looking for...
  4. Rusty Panels

    Fitting a winch to non winch bar?

    I am wondering if anyone has ever fitted a winch to a non winch ARB bar? The bar on my cruiser (waiting to collect it as soon as there's a break in lockdown) is an ARB bar and looks identical to the winch compatible one but the blokes at the local ARB shop reckon it's a non winch bar. I am...
  5. Rusty Panels

    RIP Funnyman Sean Lock

    Sad to see a great comedian dies of cancer at age 58. Always enjoyed his sense of humour on 8 out of 10 Cats.
  6. Rusty Panels

    What have you seen?

    I lived in a very quiet rural area in the Southern Tablelands of NSW for 22 years from 1995 to 2017. Our home was a tidy 3 bedroom bungalow on 25 acres of pretty bushland. Approximately 5 acres around the house was cleared and we were situated in a bit of a gully with a high ridge behind and in...
  7. Rusty Panels

    Just spotted this immaculate 80 Series

    This 80 is advertised on Australian Muscle Car site. It was restored by a car nut 3 years ago. I thought it might interest some of the 80's lovers.
  8. Rusty Panels

    Upcoming Special Buys at Aldi!

    Aldi have a lot of camping gear on sale on Saturday the 20th of March. 65 Litre fridge freezer $599 100ah AGM batteries $199 Powered battery box $49.99 Tents etc etc. I have bought a lot of their gear and reckon most of it is pretty good quality. The fridge looks to be pretty well made.
  9. Rusty Panels

    Handy Hints

    I thought that it might be a good idea to have a handy hints thread. Here's one to kick it off. My dogs love a few Goodos to start the day. I keep the empty bags and store them in my garage. The reason I keep them is that they are super tough and have a press seal on them. I also keep the...
  10. Rusty Panels

    Something for Nothing!

    I've been with TPG for my internet for years and am on NBN 50 unlimited etc, etc. They sent me a text and email last week to say that they have upped my plan for 6 months for testing purposes to a higher speed. No cost involved all is the same and will apparently revert to the normal after...
  11. Rusty Panels

    Warning for your Best Mates

    I just had this link sent to me regarding a disease that is now in Australia and there are concerns that it will spread throughout the country. It is carried by brown ticks and has already killed many dogs over here...
  12. Rusty Panels

    Forget the Mainstream 4x4 Check this out.

    What an amazing little unit. I want one!!! They're available here too! Trouble is where could you legally use one other than private property?
  13. Rusty Panels

    How are these for brakes?

    I just watched the autonomous braking video on the Volvo FH Series trucks. I reckon it should become mandatory equipment on all vehicles in the future. Pretty impressive stuff. Volvo Trucks - Emergency braking at its best! - YouTube
  14. Rusty Panels

    Wonderful Moments in Word Sporting History

    Those of you who know me will undoubtedly realise that I am as fond of sport as most humans are of treading in a hot dog turd without their thongs. To me it is the biggest waste of money, time and oxygen that the inhabitants of this planet pursue. The only sporting moment I have ever had was...
  15. Rusty Panels

    What was your worst car and why!

    I've owned a couple of duds over the years but the worst decision I ever made was buying my first proper 4x4. It was a Daihatsu F10 and I imagined myself following in the footsteps of the great explorers and discovering hidden wonders all over the country. It wasn't long though before I worked...
  16. Rusty Panels

    Rusty's Recipe Roundup

    I thought seeing that I've been doing a lot of cooking of late that I would share some of my recipes with you. First recipe is so easy and one of my families favourites. Satay Chicken Drummies This was originally a recipe for Sate Beef but has been slightly modified and super easy. First...
  17. Rusty Panels

    Don't neglect your filters.

    I'm sure that most of you keep your vehicles well maintained, but there are many others who don't. If you're one of those who tend to leave these things till the last minute then this message for you. I have noticed down my way that despite not having been off road much this year my air...
  18. Rusty Panels

    Oil Leaks! Anyone tried this?

    I found a product on eBay that claims to rejuvenate oil seals and gaskets and is guaranteed to stop oil leaks. It's called "Stop Leak Seal Expander 230" It's Australian made and sold by a mob called "Liquid Intelligence, Smart Solutions". They claim that it rejuvenates the rubber in seals...
  19. Rusty Panels

    Ticked OFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guys!!!!!!!! Aren't you totally over all the crap that everybody's on about. I mean for crying out loud!!!!! Enough of the Corona Virus! Enough of the stupid tracking app!! ENOUGH CRAP!!!!! Can't we just get back to having normal little chats about why our Everest is superb or crap or...
  20. Rusty Panels

    Ford Everest Club of Australia

    Has anybody successfully joined or posted anything on the Ford Everest Club of Australia site? I tried to join and jumped through all of the hoops, was emailed an activation code then followed the prompts back to the login page and all I get is the sound of crickets chirping and spot the odd...