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  1. Komang

    DPF cleaner

    Hi Guys my wife captiva now clock 160K It already been around with us to see half of WA. Now it only do short distance to give inlaw medecine, as we have 4wd to go futher. It now start do self cleaning dpf almoust second day. Are you guys using dpf cleaner and what brand? Thankyou.
  2. Komang

    Dual pupossed deep cycle battery

    Hi guys I will order new second batteries One for the car (aux batteries) and the other fir the box As it can fit only max 80AH batteries so it will be 160AH if I connected it pararel to gather. My question is Is it dual purpossed deep cycle will run my portable winch ? As iam reading normal...
  3. Komang

    Joining cable

    Hi guys What is the best tool/equipment to joint cable /branch it ? Exs from 6mm to 3pcs 3mm cable Thankyou
  4. Komang

    Isolator dual battery

    Hi guys how are you all I had isolator ratted 100A now with 80AH auxiliry battery If I add another 40AH or more second auxiliry battery do I need swap my isolator? Thanks
  5. Komang

    80AH 800CCA auxiliry battery

    Hi guys my car have auxiliry battery AGM 80AH 800CCA can I use this for winch ? Looking at cradle winch attached to tow ball Thankyou
  6. Komang

    Cable size

    Hi Guys My Ranger did not have 12v socket at back of middle console I would like to run twin-sheeted cable from my second battery (at the rear tube) What size do you guys think is the best just to supply those socket and my CB radio (not my HAM radio) Thanks
  7. Komang

    Solar panel and second battery

    Hi guys Iam looking buying solar panel folded for second battery when we park/camp. Just never connect solar panel to a car before The car are equip with Redarc bcdc 1220 to charge the battery when it run without solar option. How I connect the solar blanket to the battery? Just plug it in...
  8. Komang

    Lift or Rim + tyre

    Hi Guys Ask opinion to rise the ground clearance for my ranger,its for commute use Which is the best Fit in 2inch lift kit or change to bigger Rim and tyre profile (now 265/65/17) Thankyou.
  9. Komang

    Negatif or positif trigger ?

    Hi Guys Which one do you choose to trigger your relay ? Positif 12v or negatif ? Thanks
  10. Komang

    Induction cooktop & inverter

    Hi guys Anyone have setup their 4x4 with induction cooktop with DC AC converter? As it look safer with no open fire. Thanks
  11. Komang

    Any one knows what is it?

    Hi Bro guys, Any one know what this thing are? Thank you.
  12. Komang

    Catch can and fuel water separator

    Hi Guys Any one have installed oil catch can or fuel and water separator in there Ranger? Thanks
  13. Komang

    Auxiliary Battery in Ford Ranger MK2

    Hi guys, Just bought Ford Ranger MK2 came with original auxiliary Battery pack at the back, Any one knows what this battery for and What I can do with it ? Thankyou
  14. Komang

    Newbie here

    Hi All I am Komang from Perth Just got my first 4x4 used one not new. Hopefully will help us to see more outback adventure Thanks