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  1. dno67

    Anyone here trade forex ?

    Just wondering if anyone here has had any experience trading forex ? Can't help but think of the old adage. If something sounds to good to be true, it's usually a con. Iol
  2. dno67

    Tonimbuk accident ?

    Has anyone heard anything about a 4wd accident in to the tonimbuk area on Tuesday 2/6/20 ? Apparently lots of emergency and police vehicles up that way, after a lock was cut to gain park or forest entry. A vehicle rolled resulting in someone being trapped under the vehicle. Anyone else heard...
  3. dno67

    Do you use Bluetooth ?

    Do you have Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone at all times ? The covid19 app has me curious as to how many use it daily. I never use it myself, as l see it as a drain on battery and an added security risk. Please cast your vote, in the poll above. It may be of help to others, possibly...
  4. dno67

    Vehicle transport, Sydney too Melb

    Anyone used a company to transport a rolling vehicle from Sydney to melb ? Looking for costs, suggestions or contacts, any help appreciated.
  5. dno67

    Australia day, 2020

    Hope everyone's having a cracker long weekend, and ejoying there Australia day. Happy Australia day.
  6. dno67

    Forum advertising ?

    Just noticed this at the bottom of a thread. Before this was a construction machinery mob, do l have to get an add blocker ?
  7. dno67

    Yabbie"s ?

    Anyone, want to suggest what these yabbies might be ? There not the common typically found around here.
  8. dno67

    PS 4x4 Accessories ?

    Looking for feedback on PS 4x4 accessories bash plates for a 120 prado ? Got a mate looking at purchasing one of...
  9. dno67

    Happy mother's day.

    Wishing all the mums out there a happy mothers day.
  10. dno67

    Kookabox camp kitchen

    Spotted these at the local field days and thought ld share, Made from aircraft grade aluminium and stainless making it light and robust. Comes complete with the following. Saucepan Frypan Kettle Cooking & preperation utensils Cygnet rechargeable battery and LED light Gasmate stove 4 dinner...
  11. dno67

    Emergency + app

    Has anyone tried this app ? Sounds like it might be a good thing, if it works when you need it.
  12. dno67

    Any pics from the annual meeting?

    Would have loved to have been able to make this years meet, but sadly things didn't work out for me again. So has anyone got any pics or a trip report for those of us that couldn't make it ?
  13. dno67

    More 70 series seat options.

    Spotted this on instagram, mounting brackets to fit late model commodore seats Into your 70 series.
  14. dno67

    Is there something wrong with the forum ?

    Am I the only one having to wait a very long time for a page to load on the forum ?
  15. dno67

    Almost No State Forrests Left In Vic. Please consider whats at risk.

    This is a cut and paste from another forum, people need to made aware of whats going on and realize what's at risk.:(:( Quote'' All you campers, prospectors, hunters, horse riders and 4wd's take note of what VEAC and the greenies are trying to do, and will do if they win the next election.This...
  16. dno67

    Interesting 4wd Insurance Story

    Quote'' Tasmanian couple Stuart Edwards and Janetta Welinska are being sued for more than $54,300 after the Landcruiser they hired became bogged, then suffered water damage. The $33,000 breakdown Mr Bullas is locked in a legal battle with Australian 4WD Hire after a trip to Cape York in 2016...
  17. dno67

    Murray River Camping, changes coming

    If the fee's go back into the sites, it might not be a bad thing. Sadly I can't see that happening. Changes proposed in the draft plan included the recommendation of banning camping on some areas and /or imposing a fee structure to use areas closer to towns that have traditionally been free...
  18. dno67

    Blog, Snapchat or Instagram or other. Which one ?

    Thinking about documenting some day to day mundane stuff (mainly work/business), looking at mainly hosting photo's and a bit video. Basically trying to work out whats the easiest most convenient and cost effective platform to do this, while having the possibility to monetize. Looking to...
  19. dno67

    SA government to seal Strzelecki Track

    SA government to seal Strzelecki Track The South Australian government has pledged $90 million to seal the Strzelecki Track in the state's far north. Australian Associated PressJanuary 23, 201810:08am The South Australian government has pledged $90 million towards a $450 million project to seal...
  20. dno67

    Merry Christmas 2017

    Share the Christmas cheer, post anything Christmas you find... Wishing everyone a safe and happy Festive season.