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  1. Dune

    New Member?

    Did I miss something? Noticed stasis is 'new member', no while I'd like a new 'member' seems 2012 rego is still 'new', right? Or has post count changed or something for members status?
  2. Dune

    Which High Country trails with a Camper - June Long weekend

    A group of us is going to High Country this weekend. I've been the High country before, but not towing a trailer through there, also I am not familiar with these tracks. For those that know the trails - would you recommend doing it with a camper, looking at it being wet/snowing. This is the...
  3. Dune

    Hey from South Coast

    Been lurking here @4x4Earth since 2012, but not posted since the new forum was up. So thought I would post an intro again. From Jervis Bay way, near Nowra. Keen to do some camping trips again with the family when it warms up. So thought I would keep an eye on the forums here for general...