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  1. jacnden

    Have you taken the outlander off-road

    Interesting YouTube clip of suv,s including the outlander. Not quite what your triton could do. Also they didn’t rate the Subaru highly
  2. jacnden

    greetings from the tight arse chinese 4wd buyer

    Lots here if your interested in doing mods
  3. jacnden

    greetings from the tight arse chinese 4wd buyer

    Welcome to the forum, you might be the only GW on here now although there has been a few in the past . Have I seen you on one of the GW Facebook pages?
  4. jacnden

    GWM Tank 300

    Yes, just a bit of fun. I’m not really telling anyone that the GW is better than a patrol. now I have to find the clip pulling a defender out of a hole in the wombat :):)
  5. jacnden

    GWM Tank 300

    divine and i built our chinese cars together and yes my great wall never let me down either. i had so much fun with it but it was incredibly underpowered. the fellow that now owns it keeps in touch. some times when ive had to much to drink i wish i had it back :) some of you on here might...
  6. jacnden

    Greeting from Italy with an unusual 4x4 Fiat Campagnola

    good to hear from you robert. i have never heard of one in this country , i think they would extremely rare. are they common in italy?
  7. jacnden

    Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!

    Hope this hasn’t been posted before but I enjoyed this interesting recovery
  8. jacnden

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    interesting report maybe a bit more info out there that they are not telling us yet
  9. jacnden

    Nunniong Plain

    bronze wing pigeons!!! you would be arrested today i can remember top knot pigeon stew with fond memories :)
  10. jacnden

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    the drone that was found appears not to be the one belonging to the missing couple
  11. jacnden

    Looking to get some experience on sand - What are the easiest and least complex tracks in North West Vic?

    it’s been a few years since I did this trip (2016)but here’s a trip report of big desert. It was a relatively easy trip and as said before , you don’t have to play in the dunes
  12. jacnden

    PK Ranger 4WD selection problem / resolution

    just noticed these last couple of posts. it does become complicated to use the cable. I had already fitted free wheeling hubs and locked the front actuator in. this bypasses all the electronics and you just lock and unlock hubs like old school 4b
  13. jacnden

    What was your worst car and why!

    I had a mid 80s camira and never had an issue apart from I conking out on very hot days . Think the fuel evaporated before it reached the injectors . Once the car cooled down (sometimes 30 min!!!) it would work fine Also had a mark 1 cortina that the starter would jam on the ring gear and had...
  14. jacnden

    CVT offroad

    Bit of an update. I went out yesterday and found some tracks where my previous under powered 4wd would of needed low range in places. In my renault koleos with the shifter in 1st i was doing about 20kph at about 2500 rpm. Seemed to sort itself into a pretty low gear. At other times I might have...
  15. jacnden

    New LR Defender

    Oops Missed that one still a good video :)
  16. jacnden


    Mate is up there at the moment. Lives in Melbourne and got out to his holiday house in nsw before they closed the border then left nsw for Queensland before that border closed . He’s just touring with a new isuzu wagon and hard floor camper but having a ball . He did catch a Barra in lakefield...
  17. jacnden

    New LR Defender

    Wasn’t sure where to post this. I was a little doubtful about the new defender but it looks very impressive in this video
  18. jacnden

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    And all the ute adds where there doing ridiculous speeds over rocks and creeks !
  19. jacnden

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    I’ve been a fan of Andrew rule and John Sylvester for quite a while but they might be getting a bit excited with this one. Rule had an interesting article a while back about the couple wandering off ( maybe looking for that drone ) and one getting injured and then being taken by wild dogs, with...
  20. jacnden

    Hello from belgium

    Welcome to the forum . Always good to see people from outside oz here