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  1. cam04

    Hilux suspension goals

    Who said twin cabs on leaves and IFS was an imbalanced horrible union? Oh yeah, me. Happy to be proven wrong once again. Well done to the builder.
  2. cam04

    For people assuming they have a GCM upgrade
  3. cam04

    The new Mazderati BT50

    Drum roll......... The new Ute, so far very impressed. There is a long way to go to get it fitted out properly, especially the canopy - looking to more touring without the camper trailer so it needs to be practical. Bull bar needs to be chosen yet also.
  4. cam04

    New BT50/DMax

    Any experience? I’m chasing good or bad news. About to change work utes and the base model BT50 drop side twin cab Ute is leading the way so far in the box ticking exercise I am undertaking. I didn’t think I’d end up looking that way but that’s what happens when you make a list and go in with...
  5. cam04


    Beach travel. Cardinal Rule: If you are getting stuck, lower your tyres even further. Always try to park facing slightly downhill. Handbrakes have a habit of siezing up after a week at the beach - maybe try to think about not using them - toyota owners just do your best to pretend you have...
  6. cam04

    Driving ruts

    Steer in ruts following the bonnet, not what you think. Keep the bonnet level and steer TOWARDS the side that dips. Forget the back wheels, you can't control them as well.
  7. cam04


    Especially with a soft bottom, use nature to your advantage, always try to start a little upstream and move with the water to your exit, rather than fighting upstream against it.
  8. cam04

    PX - ARB OME front struts, lower bushes

    Keep an eye on them. These are a press fit and not a job you want to undertake without the proper equipment - just ask my mobile mechanic haha.
  9. cam04

    Ineos Grenadier

    I’ve followed this project for a while and it looks like it will come to Oz. Is this going to be the 110/130 series we should have had all along? 3 litre straight six TD with a ZF auto with HD twin locked driveline. Will the driver’s seat fit a human? Will it cost what they say? $60 - $70k...
  10. cam04

    Mt Mee

    Took the family out for a look around on Sunday after the rain. We took the new Sube and I must have forgot to tell the Boss that the K-Break Western escarpment track wasn't sealed when we discussed going to the Somerset Lookout :) I needn't have worried, the little beasty is built for that sort...
  11. cam04

    Only a soft roader

    I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it.
  12. cam04

    Spring - snakes - read this

    Repost - Ect4Health As we approach Summer Snake Bites in Australia That bite of summer has well and truly come early this year and with that heat, comes snakes. 3000 bites are reported annually. 300-500 hospitalisations 2-3 deaths annually. Average time to death is 12 hours. The urban myth...
  13. cam04

    June/July Holidays - snow route?

    The mad QLD'ers are doing a winter tour from Sydney, south to the Vic border along the various beaches, and then would like to head back inland via some higher country then back to Brisbane. Any suggestions of a route inland and North? We will be towing a camper and set up for the cold but on...
  14. cam04

    Here’s trouble So this ruling allows municipalities to ban ‘older dirty’ diesel cars. No phase out, no notice. Stick a sign up and they are gone tomorrow. It will be...