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  1. phs

    Vaccine certification

    Hi Anyone know how to get your first dose cert without your My health gov account ? I don’t have one but have my card supplied from when I got the first jab
  2. phs

    Insurance for a 4wd

    Hi, Looking for some feedback on reasonable priced insurance companies, But also one that will honour the insurance god forbid we run into trouble We have been with RACV for 20 odd years, every year there seems to be a steep increase on premium Last year $1500 this year $1800 and let’s be...
  3. phs

    Any Chimnee Sweeps amongst us ?

    Hi, We recently moved house and the time to clean the wood heater flue has come, only one problem the baffle is welded in so once you sweep the flue I guess the only option is completely dismantle the flue to then use the flue entry to access the baffle to vac out, so anyone had to do this...
  4. phs

    loosening seized bolts / Threads

    Hi, What has everyone found to be the best lube spray for free up stubborn seized threads ? We have 2 adjustable castor wheels from a mobile scaff I can’t get moving used WD40 specialist penetrant yesterday it freed up 2 of the 4 but the other 2 still won’t play ball I could brake out the...
  5. phs

    Family Camping

    Hi, New to family camping in years past ( pre kids ) we would find camping spots a far away and only big enough for our group never had any problems with people rolling up or carrying on. So it seems camping spots more suitable for kids ( not 10 hours into the middle of no where ) are prone...
  6. phs

    Canunda NP

    Hi, Heading over to canunda in a few days just looking for some suggestions on trips out of south end ? last year the guys got stuck fairly bad north of carpenters rocks on the beach, looking for a good route any suggestions on runs anywhere from south end to carpenters rocks? Ideally via...
  7. phs

    water crossing for beginners

    You should have a snorkel fitted, don’t be mistaken for OEM raised air intakes as these will not help keep water out of your motor, check the height of the diff, transmission, gearbox and transfer case breathers these may need to be extended to keep water out Unless you can easily see the...
  8. phs

    Places you would rather be!

    Well in light of our current mammoth lockdown in Melbourne lost count how long it has been now but I thought I’d start this in hope the day will come..... eventually I’ll kick it off, for the last 6 years we have gone to Tassi after Easter but not this year so here it is where I’d rather be
  9. phs

    Home and contents Insurance

    Hi, We are going to shop around for our insurance more so for the horror stories about trying to claim with RACV than the premium cost, we had a bad experience with them and a landlord claim last year that was just a huge waste of our time, and this evening on ch7 news there was a segment on...
  10. phs

    All show?

    Was busy out in the world of surburbia Vic today, Took the kids to the local playground to get out for the first time in a while, Anyway on the way back stopped at the local shops waiting in the car for the better half to buy a few things, I saw so many 4wds with RTT, awnings, maxtraxxs...
  11. phs

    Oscar Piastri

    Big congratulations to Oscar, The Melbournien took the crown in his first season of Formula 3 huge accomplishment hopefully we will see him in F1 soon
  12. phs

    Water contamination Melbourne

    As some are probably aware 99 suburbs in Melbourne have been told to boil there water due to contamination cause by a power outage.. Seems like something is a miss with what actually happened all critical infrastructure have Diesel engines as back up because unfortunately power outages happen...
  13. phs

    Any horticulturist amongst us ?

    Hi, Trying to get some info on how to help my lillypilly Pinnicles grow faster, Planted them as 1.8m advanced plants about 3 years ago and have since grown about 100-200mm I using native osmocoat sparingly twice a year, have the ground topped with sugarcane mulch and water regularly in...
  14. phs

    Mt Skene

    Hi looking for some info on rough travel times from Jamieson to licola or vise versa, via Skene with snow Going to apply for a permit just need to get some ideas on times to see if we are going camp at one end, both ends or just day trip Also which direction it is better to travel licola to...
  15. phs

    FS: Oztrail fast frame tent tourer 420

    Oztrail fast frame tent tourer 420, set up in seconds never used still in carry bag. $360 pickup Warrandyte
  16. phs

    Anderson connection, crimper ?

    Hi, looking for alternatives to buying a large crimper In order to change a lead end from crocodile clips to Anderson ( solar panels )
  17. phs

    FS: 200 series 2014 Sahara wheels

    Hi, 5x factory Sahara rims and tyres for sale tyres 4x 85% tread 1x 100%. $800 Pickup Warrandyte area
  18. phs

    Howqua hills and Mitchelles track

    Hi, Any Info on these 2 tracks, thinking of going up to tobacco flat or further up to Michelle’s but can’t find any info if these are seasonally closed, my maps say there are gates but could nt see them on the seasonal closure list ( but I am know to have selective vision )
  19. phs

    Snatch rings

    Hi, Any one who has used one able to recommend a brand ? The Maxxtracks snatch ring look great but they are $200 such a simple product seems very $$$
  20. phs

    Mr4x4 new amarok

    Very interesting, legally fitted 35s and big lift I had only every heard 35 would not be allowed 315 equivalent as a max looks like he has done it on an Amarok I must say good setup, but I’d imagine the cost would pass that of a supertourer