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  1. Superdad

    access relays

    hi all. Anyone know about the rely location on the petrol 100? There is a fuse box under the bonnet behind starter battery. Thus has a few relays but not all. it looks like those fuses and relay's are sitting at top quite a thick black plastic box. Does anyone know of that box contains the...
  2. Superdad

    100 series electrical gremlin - help

    I have a2004 LC 100 series. A couple of nights back, the wife noticed the headlights were on. Car was off and locked up. Fired her up and lights turned off. Turned lights on and they worked fine. Turned them off and they stayed off. Turned off ignition, locked her up and all was well, until 3...
  3. Superdad

    Qld touring advice

    All Got a few weeks off in Winter and want to take a look around Qld. We have an offroad van and Landcruiser all modified for distance touring. 3 kids, all pretty fit and healthy. Looking for a trip that will keep kids entertained (warm and swimming holes would be great), keep me and wife...
  4. Superdad

    inverter and macbook pro

    Has anyone done the calc's on the size of inverter required to maintain the power on a macbook pro in use? Also, am I correct in assuming i can get away with modified sine wave for charing a laptop? Logic being the charger goes into the battery and the computer components are downstream of the...
  5. Superdad

    exhaust jack - free to good home

    hi all, I have an exhaust jack. It has never been used and has been stored in garage for 7 years. i don't take it with me anymore and it is just taking up room. free to good home northern beaches sydney
  6. Superdad

    100 series cruiser - brake lights won't turn off

    hi all just got home and the brake lights are on. Key not in ignition and brake lights staying on. Battery obviously will die any one got any bright ideas other than pulling fuse?
  7. Superdad

    Murray river advice

    Hi all. Seems only sunny part of NSW is the Riverina over Jan so this is where we are going. Will take dog and are set up for off grid with off road van. Any advice re spots, must do etc?
  8. Superdad

    Tassie Touring advice needed

    Hi all, Haven't been on here for a while - had a lot on... Hoping for some advice. We are off to Tassie in Dec and Jan. on the Spirit ex Melb 27/12 and back on Spirit 16/1 so we have 19 nights. Towing a caravan behind a Landcruiser but do have reasonable off road experience. Far prefer free...
  9. Superdad

    Broken Hill to Nyngan

    Got 3 nights to go from broken hill to nyngan Anyone with local knowledge got any recommendations? Have done broken hill, menindee and mungo NP on way over...
  10. Superdad

    200 cruiser weaknesses

    Hi all After some advice. Time is coming to replace the 100 series cruiser. She approaching 300,000 kms and she getting tired. There’s still plenty of life left in her but given I do a bit of remoter stuff, I think the risk of something going badly wrong are rising by the year so its time for...
  11. Superdad

    Reality check required please

    Hi guys I need a quick reality check. After last years epic adventure to WA and having bought the rig (Landcruiser and caravan home), we want to go back in winter 2021 and tick off Kakadu, Litchfield etc. the trick is get the rig to Darwin and back so i am think as follows: Over the June Long...
  12. Superdad

    Corona virus

    hey all, Any of you older folk on here who live in a city, might be a good idea to head bush if you can, sooner rather than later. The probability of this getting way worse before it gets better are sky high and getting higher...
  13. Superdad

    Low profile tyres and rolling beads at low pressure

    Hi all. Just back from station creek and came across something i had not heard of before. A Y62 was trying to snatch a hino like truck off the beach. Ignoring the truck for the moment, the Y62 was struggling to stay on top of sand. He was running 25psi and i suggested dropping down to mid...
  14. Superdad

    Pebbly beach in Yuraygir NP

    Just got back from Pebbly Beach. Cracking week as usual. Reason for post is to give a heads up the place is running below 50% capacity. Worst season Rob can remember. Plenty of available campsites if anyone is looking for a quick break in NSW's best beach camp site. Get into it!
  15. Superdad

    CV Boots tearing

    Ho all. I have a 2inch lift on my IFS cruiser. Since the lift, i have done 3 x CV boots. I am guessing the lift is putting too much pressure on them. Other than a diff drop, any other solutuons?
  16. Superdad

    monkey gum - update needed

    Anyone done monkey gum recently. Any comment on track conditions? Am thinking of leading a group but want to ensure min standards of vehicles are met ie how rutted, is lift required etc
  17. Superdad

    WA, in school holidays, from Sydney, over 9 months.

    well, we just finished our bug WA trip for sydney so thought i'd write up what we did and how we did it in case it motivates any other NSWelshmen to embark on an epic voyage with the kids and family. Firstly, I run my own business and the eldest is in year 7 so taking 3-6 months off work is...
  18. Superdad

    Help needed with trailer brakes

    Hi all. Done some hard kms and put my head under caravan. See photo. Brake wiring on both rear wheel has ripped out. I can reconnect the wires but the ones from hub are same colour. Does it matter which way the are connected back together?
  19. Superdad

    Drive the 2019 Triton today. Just some comments

    Got to drive this today on road only. Just a few comments. I liked interior generally and driver's seat was great. Missus didn't like front pax seat. Transmission seemed pretty good. Thought the flappy paddles would be stupid but found myself using them to down change quite a bit. Couldn't...
  20. Superdad

    3 weeks in Kimberly. Suggestions please

    Hi all Back from SW WA and mind is turning to phase 2: The Kimberley in July. We will have 3 weeks from Broome and ending back in Broome. Well equipped 4WD and off road van (though it's an expanda so days or corrugations will kill it). Any suggestions re itinery and must see spots?