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  1. silkwood

    Can anyone tell me what this is?...

    Cleaning out the garage (yep, stuck at home) and found the item below, in a bag. No idea what it is or where it came from. At the same time, I can't find the chain and lock I use for the boat wheels when we park it up somewhere out of the way, so I guess I picked up the wrong bag somewhere. If...
  2. silkwood

    New Ranger-Based Amarok "revealed"...

    I'm guessing there may be more than a little artistic license here..:cool:
  3. silkwood

    Vic High country- anywhere good in a few weeks?

    I have a week holiday coming up. Was going to take the boat to the York Peninsula but have decided it would be better to support towns in Victoria at the moment. On the basis that the weather will be conducive and not be creating more fire risk (in which case we will obviously cancel) are there...
  4. silkwood

    All for Adventure message about rubbish...

    Maybe worth sharing around. Cheers, Mark
  5. silkwood

    Part for telescopic ladder- any ideas?

    I've lost one of the clips which release the segments of my telescopic ladder for the RTT. As below.. This image is from Ebay, they want just under $5 for it. Happy to pay that. But they quote $72 shipping!!! Anyone know where I might get one? Cheers, Mark
  6. silkwood

    Give away neoprene winch cover

    Anyone in Adelaide have use for a winch cover? Has Runva on the front (could turn it backwards!). Doing a clean-out and this has never been used. Would make a warm hat for someone with a wide head!
  7. silkwood

    Callinan and the new Bendelby track..

    Just watched Pat Callinan 4x4 (I know, it takes some patience to get over the continuous ads, but it actually wasn't that bad this time). They drove the new track at Bendelby and it looks very interesting. Quite steep and, anyone familiar with the Flinders will attest, steep in this country...
  8. silkwood

    Charging LifePo4 with 240v, solar still attached?

    I'm just about to rewire the canopy, having purchased LifePo4 batteries to replace the aging (8yo) AGMs. I have my solar permanently wired (I'm going for a dc-dc/MPPT as recommended for the Lithiums, as opposed to the current VSR, which I really prefer). As I'm going to be purchasing a new 240v...
  9. silkwood

    Tourist dies from Brown Snake bite...

    "An interstate tourist has died from a venomous snake bite while camping in the Northern Territory's Garig Gunak Barlu National Park in the Coburg Peninsula. "
  10. silkwood

    Ford fuel injection parts concern for 2.0-litre diesel engines

    Anyone else see this (or has it been posted and I missed it)? Not a good look...
  11. silkwood

    Toyota Class-Action?

    "A class action filed in the Federal Court today could affect up to 250,000 Toyota drivers nationwide, including owners of Australia's top-selling car — the Hilux. " From the ABC website:
  12. silkwood

    BMW Ute... another "contender?

    BMW Ute Prototype
  13. silkwood

    Which UHF ?

    I'm wanting to install a built in UHF (usually carry handhelds). Apart from some discussion on the "XRS 330CP vs 370CP" thread, I couldn't find an up to date thread on pros and cons. I'm after a unit with the controls, readout and speaker on the handset. I have read the GME advantage is the...
  14. silkwood

    Innamincka to Camerons corner...

    Planning a trip to Coongie Lakes, via Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Noccundra and Innamincka. On the way back (to Adelaide) planning to head to Cameron's Corner, then onto the Strzelecki Track and to Arkaroola. What tracks would you recommend from Innamincka to Cameron Corner? I've read Moomba Road...
  15. silkwood

    Funniest comments?

    Had to put this up. A comment last week by my partner (Masters Degree in Oncology Nursing, other post-grad degrees, runs an oncology treatment centre- seriously smart cookie). We were going to meet my sister in law and family where they were camping at Coffin Bay National Park, pick them up in...
  16. silkwood

    Travel Buddy oven on 240v...

    I purchased a DC regulated power supply (transformer?) from Jaycar to run the Travel Buddy whilst on 240v power. The unit they recommended has 220-240v input, 13.8v DC output (12A max). However, the oven does not work when connected. There is definitely 13.8v at the Anderson plug (I have...
  17. silkwood

    Bushman, painter and author Jack Absalom dies at 91... Good memories of meeting Jack, lovely guy. He's been off the radar for quite a few years. Vale...
  18. silkwood

    RAM Multifunction tailgate... Interesting piece of kit. Cheers, Mark
  19. silkwood

    Oz Plaza solar panels- any opinions?

    Looking to get a flexible solar panel 120-160w, but needs to be around 550 wide. I have read a number of reports recommending Oz Plaza as a reliable supplier. I am concerned at some of the claims on the net (particularly Ebay). The Oz Plaza unit is about $50-$70 more expensive than some others...
  20. silkwood

    Salt Creek (Coorong) Roadhouse closing permanently.

    Just heard on the news the raod house in closing permanently (after a temporary close last year). Closing and limitations on campsites and lack of council attention to amenities being blamed. Bit of a loss for campers in the area, though, the way I have seen the area treated by some campers...