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  1. peterfermtech

    New MU-X

    Just turned up in my email.
  2. peterfermtech

    BOM Radar

    These things have become a essential part of life and a necessary camp item. This is the new replacement for Mildura. The question I want to ask is at only $5m a pop why isn't the whole country covered with them? Surely they return a lot more than that especially when you consider the current...
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    Toyota fan Page

    It's got 17 million likes.
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    Gippsland Pub Challenge

    Might be of interest to a few.
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    How do big companies survive?

    This morning I've had to make 2 phone calls. One to Reckon Accounts hosted after they charged me double for my next years subscription and the other to BP over not receiving the fuel discount. I started my first call at 9:15 and I'm still on hold on the second call at 11:58. Likewise Telstra...
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    Watch out for Optus

    In the last few months I've had a couple of extra charges on my Optus bill. First one was I got charged twice for an end of lease phone contract ($205.00). The second bill was for a replacement modem that they sent because the internet kept dropping out ($115.00). The problem is that even though...
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    Blood Moon Next Year

    Just a heads up for planning a trip with a super blood moon coming up in May 26th 2021 and one from the backyard in Melbourne.
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    Comet Neowise

    Any star watchers out there had a chance to check out this comet with their binoculars or telescope. In lockdown here so restricted to finding a dark sky viewing area within 5km although the viewing time is OK and outside the curfew. Also lost my telescope in the bushfires so hoping others...
  9. peterfermtech

    Chinese Chewing Gum With comments like that I would say it's odds on they have something to hide.
  10. peterfermtech

    After the Fires

    I thought I might start off a thread of photos of the country recovering after the fires. The first bud burst of yellow stringy 4 weeks after the fires. The first photo is about 11.00 AM and the second photo about six hours latter.
  11. peterfermtech

    Lithium battery charging from alternator

    Might be interesting for those installing lithium batteries.
  12. peterfermtech

    Watch and Acts Bruthen, Ensay & Butchers Ridge

    Fire watch and acts out for these areas. See regards
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    Lightweight, strong, compact and comfortable camp chairs

    Can anyone recommend any? regards
  14. peterfermtech

    Deer Field Identification Guide

    Found this and thought it might be of interest to some. regards
  15. peterfermtech

    VHC Bushfire Image

    Just looking at NASA's Worldview Here is an image showing the burnt areas from the VHC Bushfires this year. regards
  16. peterfermtech

    Muloorina Station - Donald Campbell - Bluebird

    Found this whilst looking for some info on Lake Eyre. regards
  17. peterfermtech

    Dargo Open

    From Emergency Vic. "The Dargo township is open for business. No access is available to the Alpine National Park and State Forrest camp grounds. All 4-Wheel Drive tracks are closed within the fire impacted area." The town could do with some support. Pretty sure tracks South East of Dargo are...
  18. peterfermtech

    30 L Fuel Jerry Can Fuel Bladder

    Just saw this on ebay and was wondering what thoughts were and had anyone used them. I only have the standard 65 litre tank on the MU-X and carry a 20 litre...
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    New Posts Button

    Can we have a "New Posts" button at the end/bottom of a thread? No need to scroll back up then. regards
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    Checking Clearance

    Not sure if this has been posted before. regards