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    Winnerwell Nomad Stove

    Yeah I have a couple of Snow Peak Hexa tarps, I really like them for swag camping etc.
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    Teardrop campers

    Yes mate the Tsunami, but with Cruisemaster suspension to suit the 33" tyres to match the ute and the 4" lift option. Have made a number of other small modifications but nothing really drastic. I did a lot to research before choosing the Riptide and visited them a few times. I am really...
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    Teardrop campers

    I have a Cub right now but have ordered a Riptide teardrop, which is Aussie made right here in Brisbane. David has been great to deal with and made quite a few modifications to the design to suit my offroad spec needs. I love our Cub hard floor but it's a bit big for us these days, and I want...
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    Ford Ranger real world fuel economy

    I have used Forscan to set my tyre size so my speedo etc is correct with my 33" 255/85/16's. Over the life of my 2016 PX2 Manual Wildtrak I have gotten 11.86lph tracked by my actual fuel usage and k's by my fleet company and I have 112,000 on the clock. I have added a fair bit of weight with...
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    “Illegal mods” and insurance

    They really don't if you read their PDS, it clearly states insurance is void if the vehicle is not road worthy in the state it is registered in.
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    Weight on Roof

    Front Runner rate their mounting and racks to their full capacity on and off-road, they don't make a distinction for dynamic loads. They simply insist you comply with the vehicles room rating. Roof Rating of popular 4wd's; Hilux = 60kg Ranger = 80kg Y62 Patrol = 100kg Amarok = 100kg Discovery...
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    Roof Rack Loading

    ARB's website states; On the canopy rack webpage they go on to say; I would take this as you have 100kg's of dynamic offroad weight on ARB Canopy, less the weight of any rack and mounting system you place on top of it. ARB state that each cross beam of the ARB BASE Rack is rated to 25kg, so...
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    Do I need to remove smart isolator

    This work a treat under the engine bay with say a 50 amp AMI / MIDI fuse. Have used them in a lot of vehicle installs.
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    Weight on Roof

    lol no chance :-)
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    Weight on Roof

    Ford state that PX-PX3 (so your 2013) Ranger XLT has a roof load rating of 80kg, they do not publish a static vs dynamic load rating. That is all the weight you are allowed to put up there.
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    Discussion time. What new 4wd

    If it was me I'd buy a new Y62 S5, I think you would have buyers remorse going to a D-Max myself. I love my pre-dpf Ranger Wildtrak but with all the pollution crap they are having to put on modern diesel engines, I would be very wary of buying a new one or any like it. I think I would...
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    Do I need to remove smart isolator

    That's not actually very accurate when it comes to Kickass, for example, their batteries are made in Mount Barker by an Australian supplier. Their solar panels actually use high-quality cells from a very well known Japanese manufacturer, their zips etc are real YKK's not knock offs. If you...
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    Do I need to remove smart isolator

    Most DCDC units have a VSR in them, but having said that there is no real reason to remove the VSR that is already there unless you want to tidy things up and feel like changing how things are wired under the bonnet. It will not have a negative impact at all. What are you actually wanting to...
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    I'm going to disagree, there is plenty of science and research into the effect light colour temp has on the eyes. 5000k vs 5700k at the same lumens is a lot less strain on your eyes and has a significant reduction in bounce back off hard surfaces like signage at the lumens we are talking...
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    I relented and got some driving lights, only took 4 years. I did not want a light bar on the roof as it would mess with the sunroof view and I hate the round spotlight look. I found a great deal on these Milsec Baja Designs XL Pros in the Driving Combo, $600 odd for the pair brand new with a...
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    Joining cable

    It shouldn't be a crimp vs solder discussion, it should be both, you crimp then flood with solder. The idea of crimping is to create a cold weld, most crappy tools people use are not able to achieve this. A proper cold weld will perform better than a soldered joint, however, a soldered joint...
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    Installing Roadsafe front recovery points on a 2012 BT-50 with an ARB Deluxe Bullbar

    I was under the impression ARB bull bars were a no go for Roadsafe and Uneek recovery points on the 1st gen BT50s upto 2012 like the PX1.
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    It's a Front Runner slimline rack system, with their 45L water tank, 4.5kg gas bottle and Maxtrax bracket kits. It works fantastically for us when we head away with just the swag setup rather than taking our camper. We can fit everything we need for an extended swag trip in the tub drawers I...
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    Had Baintech custom build me a 150Ah Lithium with inbuilt 40amp DCDC charger picked it up last Thursday so swapped out the old 32kg AGM out with this much light 14kg combo. Had to make some changes to my wiring and drawer setup so took a bit longer than I was expecting but very happy with the...
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Mate you need to check out Knobby I've been using them for years and a bunch of mates are now too. While they are made in China, its an Australian company and the art, prints, tech, packaging etc is all developed here is Oz. Great product and the pricing is good with great service.