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  1. allanmac

    Victoria - COVID 19, What a bloody mess.

    This thread is NOT posted for members to put up attachments etc, (the covid thread is for that), but for us Vics/Melburnians, who are now pulling their hair out with the latest 'road map' announced last Sunday. For me, frustrating as the last 5 weeks of lockdown has been, I learnt to live with...
  2. allanmac

    Vic Gathering at Skipworth.

    Thanks to Discomatt, the annual Vic Gathering took place, and whilst not a 'full on' event as per previous years, it was a very enjoyable weekend. Cheryl & I arrived Thursday arvo with Discomatt/Liza & Cookie already set up. Afternoon was spent having a few drinks around the fire that continued...
  3. allanmac

    How the forum has changed over the years.

    I have been a member here for many years and have made a number of friends who I still see & go 4wding with. Since the the emergence of 'faceache', many 4wd forums have now little or no activity with some now no longer in existence. James deserves a big 'pat on the back' for putting in the hard...
  4. allanmac

    Well worth the drive to the SA Annual Meet. (sorry quite a few pics)

    It had been a number of years since my partner Cheryl & I had attended the Vic annual gatherings, so we decided to join our fellow Victorians, Discomatt, Liza & Outrage, for the weekend. We had planned to head over on the Wednesday to have a few extra days at Grumpy's & Deb's new home. As I...
  5. allanmac

    OUTRAGE, here it is.

    Some footage from our Neerim trip for you Matt....;) Z0R_bsZ7u5I
  6. allanmac

    2014 Seasonal Closures Victoria.

    Unfortunately not publicised by FWD Vic or other authorities...:mad:, but list of closures for this year. A few new ones added & a couple removed along with a couple of date changes...
  7. allanmac

    Long weekend around Walhalla.

    A number of forum members joined Cheryl & myself for the weekend with most heading up Friday arvo/night to set up a base camp at Erica Caravan Park. Whilst many prefer to camp in other areas, such as O'Tooles/Merringtons etc, I personally dont find either of these places all that great, & it is...
  8. allanmac

    A day at Tallarook.

    6 vehicles, including 3 members from this forum, meet about 9.30am at the beginning of Horans Tk for a day of 4wding. I had been to Tallarook previously a few years ago & decided to have a easy day exploring more of this compact area. A variety of vehicles took part; Scott in his newly aquired...
  9. allanmac

    Fraser Island.

    Many people have Fraser Island on the 'must do' list & after recently returning from there, if you get the chance DO IT....:). Only thing I would suggest is not in the school hollies if possible, as it was so busy....:eek: Got over 2000 pics, but will 1stly just put up a couple of videos to give...
  10. allanmac

    Tambo Crossing to Dargo..????

    Have a question that I hope a few of you might be able to answer....:D. Am planning a High Country trip on the Melb Cup weekend with the original plan starting at Dargo & heading to Walhalla via many of the well known tracks in the area. Am now seriously considering starting the trip at Tambo...
  11. allanmac

    Snow Trip July 21st.

    We had 11 vehicles head up to Mt Matlock last Sunday. 3 of us met at the Beachworth Bakery in Healesville for breakfast then headed off to meet the other 8 vehicles at Cumberland Junction. Not far out of Marysville, we found the 'white stuff'....:). Continued on to Cumberland, aired...
  12. allanmac

    Paradise Valley - Licola

    A few of us from this forum, Outrage, Karl53, & myself headed up to Paradise Valley on Thursday morning for a extended long weekend. Blacknave also joined us, but he had to depart Friday lunchtime as he had a prior engagement. Arrived at Paradise Valley just after midday & set up camp. It was...
  13. allanmac

    Paradise Valley Glenmaggie

    Heading up there on Anzac day making it a long weekend & wondering if anyone has been there recently?. Did notice that Grumpy did a report in 'find a campsite' sometime back & have also heard varying reports from 'great place' to 'not worth the money'....:confused:. Thanks in advance....:)...
  14. allanmac

    Jamieson Campground upgrades.

    Cheryl & I headed up to Skipworth on Friday arvo to spend most of the weekend doing 'bugger all'... :) . Arrived about 7pm to see a few campers there with a reasonably big group of 4wd's doing some filming etc. What was noticable as soon as we turned in was the amount of work that has been done...
  15. allanmac

    Robe - Beachport in January.

    Am planning a trip to the area from 9th January for 4 or 5 days & am looking at some suggestions for those who been there. I know it will be reasonably busy, but am hoping it will be a little quieter when I plan to go....:confused: 1. Camping/Caravan Park Am looking at Southend as the base...
  16. allanmac

    Our Outback Adventure.

    Thought I should finally do the trip report of our 6 week/11500klm journey. It was early sunday morning when we left melb & made our way towards the Flinders Ranges via Mildura with a overnight stop at Renmark. We decided a motel was the way to go on the 1st night as it had been a long day &...
  17. allanmac

    Mt Selma Snow Drive.

    A few of us went looking for snow last weekend....:). Had to take some detours due to high rivers & trees over the tracks, but we eventually got there....:D A short video of the day; Mt Selma 0001 - YouTube
  18. allanmac

    Toolangi April 28th.

    Was about 8.30am when members from Fireline 4x4 & 4x4 Earth headed off from McKenzie Reserve at Yarra Glen. 7 vehicles at this stage, Cheryl & myself in the Pajero, Discomatt (Matt, Liza & Josh) in the new Disco, Outrage (Matt & Tara) in a Patrol, Redmav (Scott) in the Maverick, Macca52 & mate...
  19. allanmac

    Walhalla Weekend.

    About 10.00am on Saturday, 5 vehicles headed off from the BP on the Pakenham bypass making our way to Erica Caravan Park, Triton05, (Chris, Linda, Zoe & Deegan), Mud Lark ( Richie, Deb & girls), Cruising62 (John), Outrage (Matt) & Cherly & myself where we would meet up with Blaknav (Scott, Cazz...
  20. allanmac

    Blue Rag Track

    One of the 'must do' tracks when visiting the Vic High Country is Blue Rag Tk. I know most from this forum who have been up that way have done Blue Rag, but for those who havent, below is a small video of the section close to the summit from our Aust Day trip this year. Blue Rag - YouTube