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    Turon NP and in trouble....

    Following a saturday club off road trailer training day at Lidsdale, a mate in his Rubicon followed me around Turon NP on the sunday. I had my off road trailer behind me and was just showing him some of the tracks. Anyway, just past the big rock junction on the Pinnacle Fire trail, I hit a small...
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    Meridian Maps

    Tyler Thompson's latest video is up around Sofala and Wallaby Rocks and it looks like a good track that I haven't done. I asked him what mapping software he was running because he was following the river on a marked trail that I couldn't make out on my 25k Topo maps. He pointed me at Meridian...
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    Outback mud

    I can confirm this is accurate. You don't get slipperier or stickier mud anywhere, and it sets like concrete -
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    An interesting locker comparison

    This should be of interest if you're wondering about fitting a locker. Front or rear? I found a front locker to be more helpful and the video seems to confirm it.
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    Diet Coke or orange juice?

    The experts now consuder Diet Coke more healrhy for you than orange juice with no added sugar. Fair dinkum.... If you were stuck on a desert island, would you be better off with a shipping...
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    New server?

    So is it Thursday the 17th September 2020?? Today is Tuesday the 15th September.
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    An interesting perspective...

    Being shut up in our little corner of the world, the popular opinions and attitudes about things sometimes don't really match other people's reality. Very interesting that there were more specifically JK Wranglers manufactured than every Defender model in total ever made.
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    Another death on Fraser
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    Ford Bronco looks good

    I just saw this and was pretty impressed. Not many 4wd's come out of the factory with 35" tyres and around 300mm ground clearance. The numbers and standard gear on this car are outstanding...
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    Awesome Land Rover owners

    I watched this the other day and it struck me that these two are so Land Roverian. They love the car, the best thing about it is how it breaks down and they get to repair it. I'm not kidding.... My Landy never gave me much trouble at all over 10 years and over 300k kms and I thrashed it to...
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    TPMS Question

    My TPMS is OK but can be annoying with alarms going off if I've deliberately let the tyres down. Is there one out there that you can set to only give an alarm if one of the tyres drops 5 psi below whatever the other tyres are set at? So if I let all the tyres down to 15psi on sand, if one starts...
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    Baan Baal and Upper Turon.

    I went for a day drive a few weeks back in anticipation of the lock down. We went up to Hill End via Root Hog and came back through Upper Turon, Baan Baal and Blackfellows Hand. Well I was quite surprised, all of the tracks had been graded smooth. The Bridle Track up Hawkins Hill had been...
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    This guy's new Tassie series

    This new series is very good. If you're interested in going there it's a must see. I like his style.
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    New Ford Bronco

    Looks like it could be good?
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    I like tough chicks

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    Fire Emergency levels

    A few weeks back we had an extreme level set and schools were closed all across parts of western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. There were no fires at that stage, the Gospers Mountain mega fire started that afternoon from memory, but was many kilometres out in the Putty wilderness. The...
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    Thumper Max Dual Air Compressor

    I just used it for the first time today, and I must say I'm impressed. It has auto stop like the expensive ARB ones and the quick inflator deflator is excellent. The thing is very powerful, it's the quickest and easiest that I have used. Did I say it's cheap too? Let's see how long it lasts, but...
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    New Kings Rooftop?

    I wonder what the quality is like? Under $2K
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    Nissan profits way down

    I used to like Nissans up until around 2006. They started making ugly cars and their diesel engines were crap after that. How bad was the new shape Pathfinder? It seems they are paying the price now...
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    Caster Semenya

    The current Olympic champion female runner can't compete anymore because her naturally occuring testosterone levels are too high. She's passed all the tests, she's a girl and not taking drugs. Fellow competitors complained she had an unfair advantage due to excessive testosterone production...