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    Camp Table

    What camp tables are you guys running? I’ve liked the look of the lifetime bi folds with adjustable height, but after having a look at them I don’t like the wobble. I could come up with something to brace it but I’d rather just have a stable table right out the box. Any suggestions on a good...
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    Keeping a Baby Warm...

    Greetings all, Seeing as a lot of the members that post on here from what I can tell are fathers... I've got my firstborn expected to join the missus and I early June. Doing some homework on how to keep the baby nice and toasty warm during the cold nights while camping. During the day I...
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    Getting rid of cigarette smell on steering wheel.

    Alright folks, Picked up a second hand kluger a few months back. Decent car for the missus. Only issue is that the previous owner must have been a smoker. Can’t seem to get the smell of cigarettes off of the steering wheel. She drives for 10 mins and then her hands smell of smoke. I’ve tried a...
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    Selling Darche Highview 1400

    Selling the roof top tent as I’ve ended up going with an RV-5... much more practical and easier to set up for myself and pregnant missus. $1000 firm. Located in Maida Vale WA. PM for details. Cheers. Brian
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    Thickest Possible Mattress for Darche RTT

    Evening all, Probably been discussed before but did a search and couldn’t really find exactly what I was looking for. Currently exploring options for upgrading the mattress in my Darche High View 1400... Looking at just getting a 4cm foam topper and throwing on top of the existing 6.5cm...
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    Prado 120 Safari Snorkel Foam Body Gasket???

    Greetings all! First time post here... I've recently purchased and received an R-Spec Safari Snorkel Kit for my 2004 Prado 120 GXL 4.0L Petrol V6... All of the parts check according to the parts list and the instructions are quite clear. I have the tools and have absolutely no problem...