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  1. SmAsh_6861

    Darche RTT Mattresses - help!

    I've recently bought a Darche Hi-View 1800 and while I absolutely love it, the mattress is far from ideal. After one night I could feel my hip touching the tent base. Was looking at Purchasing a second one or a self inflating to put on top of the existing mattress. I went on Darche's website and...
  2. SmAsh_6861

    XTM Air Compressor - is she broke?

    Hey guys, Have any of you got the XTM Air Compressor? I just bought one and went to have a play with it tonight. Dropped the psi down to 20psi with my deflator and attached the Compressor hose which as soon as I turned on wound up on the gauge to 50psi. This was with the screw connector. I...
  3. SmAsh_6861

    Man rescued after 4WD rolls over him during recovery in Vic

    From 9 news: Police have praised the efforts of a group of men who helped rescue their friend after a 4WD rolled on him in an isolated part of Victoria, leaving him with critical injuries. Two meticulous winch operations were needed to free the 29-year-old at Wandong. Adam Major told of the...
  4. SmAsh_6861

    I need some 4wd friends!

    Hey guys! Thanks for having me. I'm Ash, I live on Phillip Island and I have a 2019 Colorado. I mainly go offroad of a weekend with my partner and while it's great, it really inhibits us on what tracks we can try as we're usually on our own, and while I have some experience, I don't have...