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  1. poite91

    Looking at buying a new 4x4

    Hi all I'm looking at buying a new 4x4 my wife and I are looking at 7 seat 4x4s. We like the Isuzu MU-X and the Mitsubishi Pajero. I would like some feed back on each 4x4 good or bad. Cheers Pete.
  2. poite91

    Mazda bravo Engine rebuilders Adelaide

    Hi all. I believe my turbo is blown and want to work out what turbo I can fit to it. The turbo is a IHI VJ26 RHF5. I would like to fit a ball bearing turbo it if I can. I am looking for something that will just bolt up with out making a new dump pipe and all that. The ute is booked in Monday...
  3. poite91

    Who uses vks737

    Hi all just wondering who uses vks737? My Father got him self a new codan unsure of what model and he told me I can have his old codan 8528 with the manual tap aerial. So I'm looking at installing it into my ute but it got me thinking how many people are still using this type of communication...
  4. poite91

    Are all leaf springs equal?

    So are all leaf springs equal? If not what do you look for when buying leaf springs? I have a Mazda bravo and have changed my shocks over now I'm looking around at leaf springs and I'm trying to work out what's the pros and cons of each company. Thanks Pete.
  5. poite91

    Gas vs Foam cell in a ipfs

    I have been looking around to find out is foam cell shocks going to be to ruff on a ipfs ute. I know they do well on a 100 serious Land Cruiser and a GQ Patrol fathers and brother in laws vehicles but they are heavy coil sprung live axle 4x4s. The shocks I'm looking at are Pedders Track Rider...
  6. poite91

    Tyre size and airing down

    Hi all so I was thinking the other day about airing down and having bigger tyres. My thinking is that having bigger tyres and airing them down you would lose a lot of the hight of the tyre and you would end up with your diffs not being much higher of the grand. Am I right in thinking this?
  7. poite91

    SA Murray Bridge. Patrol/Maverick

    Hi I'm putting this up for my father. He is selling his much loved GQ it's got a 2 inch old man emu lift, 31 inch toyo A/T open country tyres, steel ARB bull bar, Side steps, hella spot lights, roof rack, Duel battery system, AC was regased about 6 months ago, pioneer CD player with iPod...
  8. poite91

    Ridge Ryder, Dune 4x4, Waeco iceboxes are all the same!

    Hi everyone I picked up a Dune 4x4 icebox and after looking into it I found out that it was really a Waeco. I went up to my brothers place and his works icebox is a Ridge Ryder and is the same as mine.
  9. poite91

    Where to fit my spotlights

    Hi I have a mazda bravo with a set of IPF spotlights but I was given some hella 4000s they won't fit on my bar but I think could make them fit on the bottom side of the bar I just would have to cut my bumper a bit to fit them. I would have to put them on there side would this work? Or would they...
  10. poite91

    New petrol 4x4 ute what to buy???

    Hi I'm looking for a friend that wants a brand new 4x4 ute but he wants a petrol ute. He is going to put a caravan back on the back of the ute that can be disconnected so he can go 4x4ing with out it. He had a really bad experience with a Diesel where the injector blow out and stuck diesel onto...
  11. poite91

    Home air compressor up gear or link 2 together???

    Hi all I have a air compressor at home and have a air sander it's running out of air so I'm thinking of buying a new air compressor I'm looking at a black ridge 180 and I was thinking I could hook it up to the one I have at home. I'm not sure on the specs of it. But at a guess it's would be...
  12. poite91

    Best camping mattress for 2 people

    Hi all just trying to work out what's the best mattress option for 2 people to sleep on comfortably. I would like a Queen size mattress and something that won't move to much when I roll over (won't catapult the girlfriend out of the bed) Cheers Pete
  13. poite91

    What bulbs should I run in IPF 800's

    Hi I have a set of IPF 800's on my bravo and I would like to get a bit more out of them with out converting to HID as I cant justify the funds to do it. I more just want to get just a bit better performance out of them the bulbs are 55w and I don't think the wiring is up to taking 100w bulbs I...
  14. poite91

    What to do about shocks for my Mazda bravo

    Hi all I have a 1999 Mazda bravo and I'm trying to work out what I should do about shocks/suspension for it. What brands would be good to go for OME, Tuff Dog ? Just doing my research for now.
  15. poite91

    What tyre size to go for???

    Hi all I have a Mazda bravo with stock mags 16x6. The stock tyre's are 205R16C which works out too 205/80/16. The tyre's I have on it are 225/75/16 and I'm thinking about upgrading them to 245/70/16 witch is 14.4mm bigger this is the biggest I can go in South Australia as we are not allowed to...
  16. poite91

    Mazda Bravo 2.5L TD 1999

    Mazda Bravo 2.5L TD Johnny Good Points Very nice to drive. Good power. Good fuel economy. Very practical for me. Bad Points RPM is a bit to high on the freeway. Independent front suspension. What mods have you done? TJM aluminum bull bar. 100w LED light bar. TJM canopy...