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  1. Rusty Panels

    Getting rid of cigarette smell on steering wheel.

    It wasn't my dog!
  2. Rusty Panels

    Getting rid of cigarette smell on steering wheel.

    Always the blunt end! I learned that at obedience school !!!
  3. Rusty Panels

    Getting rid of cigarette smell on steering wheel.

    If you take up smoking you won't notice it anymore! Alternatively, grab a chihuahua and rub it's butt around the wheel. This will mask the smell of smoke!
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    Handy Hints

    I thought that it might be a good idea to have a handy hints thread. Here's one to kick it off. My dogs love a few Goodos to start the day. I keep the empty bags and store them in my garage. The reason I keep them is that they are super tough and have a press seal on them. I also keep the...
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    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

  6. Rusty Panels

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    I agree! way too heavy to carry into the tent. I'd take a 4.5kg! :)
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    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    There's been many people who we have labeled as odd ball or strange over the years. Many of these people have just been socially awkward and not able to communicate well with others. A couple of hundred years ago being awkward could have seen you burned at the stake. Many of these people died as...
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    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    These bloody TV shows carry on for weeks and even months beforehand claiming to have groundbreaking, earth shattering and unbelievable new evidence that will make world headlines. Of course they do this to get sponsors onboard and fill all their advertising holes. The reality is that they don't...
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    Feral cats, wild dogs, foxes, pigs as well as all the other creatures such as cane toads and rabbits are all manmade problems. The root cause is mans stupidity in trying to alter the natural environment. Our idiot ancestors introduced rabbits because they wanted a food source. They then...
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    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    I think you will find knuckle heads anywhere in the world. We certainly don't have a monopoly on it!
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    Hi all from Newcastle

    Some of us might be a little absent minded but, welcome to the group! :)
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    Market $$ rate for suspension kits - IFS utes

    Suspension isn't hard to fit on the majority of vehicles. It's easier if you have a hoist, but with the correct tools and the use of jack stands on a good level surface most people can manage. The hardest bit can be removing ball joints and the like that have been in place for years. Safety is...
  13. Rusty Panels

    Wheel winch or portable electric winch?

    They were still using Staff and Ticket and Miniature Electric Staff at Boral's lines in Berrima and Marulan until a few years ago (approx 2013-14). They now use Train Order working. Sydney Trains were also using Staff and Ticket from Kiama to Berry and Miniature Electric Staff from Berry to...
  14. Rusty Panels

    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    I don't recall seeing any factory made boat trailer that doesn't have a substantial safety chain mounted on the winch post and a shackle attaching the chain to the towing eyelet on the bow. This is in addition to the winch rope that also clamps the bow firmly into the guide. As well as that you...
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    Gday from SA

    Welcome to the forum mate! :)
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    Absolutely ridiculous advertising sizes... again.

    I'm using google on an iMac with Bitdefender and an IBM homebuilt PC with Windows 10 and Avira antivirus. No special settings on either machine. I have never had any ad pop up on this site.
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    The Defence Rests Your Honour!
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    Ex mines vehicles

    I would say that a lot depends on where it comes from, who's been driving it and what type of product has it been mining. I have seen photos of late model vehicles from the Kimberley iron ore mines that had the chassis rusted through due to iron dust building up. Most of the ones I've seen have...
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    They don't get the same education they did in the past. That's for certain!
  20. Rusty Panels

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    We were given the same story from Virgin despite paying extra to have tickets made refundable. My wife booked them through Webjet and they also want to charge a cancellation fee of $160 each despite being the ones that upsold the tickets in the first place!