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  1. Patriot

    Drone saves stranded family on Kirrama Range Road at Blencoe Falls.

    ABC is reporting that a FNQ man used his drone to get signal for his phone to send a text message alerting friends that he was stuck and unable to get out of the bush. The group, four adults and a baby were forced to spend an unplanned night in the bush. State Emergency Service area controller...
  2. Patriot

    Insane mud convoy

    Here are some German trucks making their way through the Congo rainforest. Loaded down with supplies, I reckon they are chewing through the diesel! Cool way that they are using the bars to link the vehicles. Not only pulling but I reckon that first vehicle would have been getting a bit of a...
  3. Patriot

    Bought a Masport 6 burner

    Bought one of these puppies in the boxing day sale. Set up was interesting, but we got their in the end. Steaks for dinner tonight!
  4. Patriot

    Who is our best mudder?

    I want to do a podcast on driving in mud, so I am wondering who would be our best mudder? It would be great to have someone with a lot of experience, but not a 'nutter mudder'. Keen to tell some cool stories about great mud trips, recovery techniques, driving techniques and the euipment needed...
  5. Patriot

    New 4x4earth competition - teach others how to drive!

    Hey everyone, I've created a new section in the forum to help newbies learn the techniques of 4 wheel driving. We've got hills, rocks, mud, snow and river crossings. (And sand, I will add sand). In each forum the best entry / photo / tip will win some a cap and T-shirt from the 4x4earth...
  6. Patriot

    New BBQ - thinking of a Masport Commander V2

    Hello! Our old BBQ died and went to heaven, so we are after a new one. Just having a look on the interwebs, the Masport Commander V2 seems pretty good. We are after something for the 4 of us normally...
  7. Patriot

    End of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 V8 Diesel.

    Drive is reporting that it March 2021 will be the last date for production of the 200 Series V8 diesel LandCruiser! The factories will be converted to start production of the 300 Series, but there are few details on what the 300 Series will be. There is widespread discussion that Toyota will...
  8. Patriot

    What have Land Rover done with the Defender?

    I have always been a fan of the Land Rover Defender. Spent a bit of time (admittedly being driven around, not driving), but they are capable and look great. The new Land Rover Defender kind of looks like a Patrol, doesn't it? I know that manufacturers need to build for the larger audiences...
  9. Patriot

    New Land Rover Defender vs Jeep Gladiator vs Ineos Grenadier Reviews - we get the good oil with Robert Pepper The next episode of the 4x4earth podcast is up. Have a listen and let me know what you think. We have Robert Pepper as our guest and he reviews the: Jeep Gladiator...
  10. Patriot

    Jeep Gladiator receives 3 star ANCAP rating

    News story highlighting that the new Jeep Gladiator only received 3 stars for Safety. This is pretty depressing, because it is a vehicle that I was super keen on, but only 3% of vehicles sold in Aus get less than 4 stars, so it isn't great to be thinking that you are driving a vehicle that is...
  11. Patriot

    Maserati stuck and bumper ripped off on Stockton's

    Ian Boicos posted this on Facebook today. It shows a Maserati Ghibli stuck in the sand at Stockton's Beach and a recovery that doesn't go to well. A few people have been having a bit of a laugh about this, but it is a tragedy for the owner and also, only a couple of weeks ago a 15-year-old...
  12. Patriot

    New podcast episode out today!

    Just uploading a new episode. Will be on the website soon, but for a sneak peak, download it on your iPhone or Android phone in your favourite podcast player. :)
  13. Patriot

    15 year old girl killed by snatch strap breaking

    Tragic news today of the death of a 15-year-old who was hit in the chest by a broken snatch strap. Her 11 year old sister was also injured. They were riding in the back of a Ute whilst their father was recovering a vehicle on their farm. So important that everyone stays clear when a...
  14. Patriot

    The things you take for granted - border crossings.

    Done this a few times, slip over the SA border for some beach driving. Never, ever thought that we wouldn't be able to do this for so long! I reckon the first week out for us Victorians is going to see quite a few people heading bush! How are you holding up?
  15. Patriot

    Land Rover defender vs Ineos Grenadier New 4WDs for Australia

    Many people have complained about the look of the new Land Rover Defender. I loved the classic look and for me, it looks kind of like a new Patrol. It looks like Jim Ratcliffe, owner of INEOS Chemicals isnt' happy with the way that Land rover has gone either with What do we know about the...
  16. Patriot

    A bush wedding to remember

    Hey everyone, Just returned from a quick trip to O'Tooles for Dee and Robs wedding, and it was a wedding to remember! A lot of planning goes into any wedding and for a bush wedding at O'Tooles, there is a bit more, because there is no church, no power and it's mainly 4WD access. Rob and...
  17. Patriot

    The New Land Rover Defender 110 rescues a Scania Truck in the Namib Desert

    A Scania truck stranded in a creek bed for 3 days was rescued by 2 of the new Land Rover Defender 110s. The driver, with little food or water, was stuck in a dried up creek bed. He also had no comms to be able to call for help. Using snatch straps, the 2 defenders were able to tow the...
  18. Patriot

    What does everyone think of Holden pulling out of Australia?

    650 people will lose their jobs after the government kicked in $2.1 billion. It's been an iconic brand in Australia. From the 4WD point of view the Colorado was exactly super exciting, but they made a lot of other cars. What do you think...
  19. Patriot

    4x4 tracks map app

    Hello, For more than 10 years now we have thought about building a 4x4earth app to help people explore our glorious outdoors and find those epic tracks and help everyone as they go exploring. With the introduction of the ads on the site, I think we are now in a good place to start looking at...
  20. Patriot

    Ads on 4x4earth.

    Hello, Just a quick note on the ads that everyone is seeing on the forum. Firstly, we are continuing to make changes to the ads. These will continue as they are needed to pay for the maintenance of the server and the website and to fund future features for the 4 wheel driving community. We...