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    Thoughts on Leather steering wheel rejuvenation?

    Thoughts on Leather steering wheel rejuvenation?
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    Inverter for the 4wd that is strong enough to power a large household fridge (during power outages)

    Right so after a 24hr + power outage, I resorted to plugging our house hold big fridge (two seperate units in a pidgeon pair) into a crappy old 1KVA generator we had. It seems to handle it ... but only just. When the compressor starts in the fridge you can hear the generator almost stall and...
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    Ah (AmpHour) or Wh (WattHour) as a unit of expressing DC fridge consumption

    With the circled measurements below, over exact 24hr period, is how much energy was consumed by my fridge. The watthours reading would be the same regardless of it being 12 or 24v , but with Ah (amp hours) would it change depending on the system voltage, in the same way the A amps (instant...
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    Is 13.9v OK as a PWR Supply voltage?

    My projecta AC/DC charger has a PWR Supply mode which provides power to loads whilst my vehicle is parked up in car port (solar not in sun). It’s plugged into the circuit at one of my Anderson connections at rear of vehicle. I’ve noticed it sits at 13.88 - 13.90v , is this voltage too high...
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    Corrugation and fridge mounting with rubber / foam

    Brains Trust, I run my fridge in the tray of leaf sprung 4wd... needless to say corrugations hammer all vehicles, particularly leaf sprung (lovely when loaded mind you). Anyway, I fitted 4 x 10mm foam pads under each of the feet of my 75litre fridge as a means of elevating it a tad, and in...
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    ODB2 Lovers & Gauge watchers - check this

    Hey Guys, thought I'd share this up. This started because I wanted to monitor my transmission temps on the 5spd A750 auto (there's actually two temp sensors in it). Bought an OBD2 wireless dongle, and grabbed the iOS app called OBD Fusion ($15) to run on my dash mounted ipad mini 3g (which i...
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    Some 4wd drone footage from Coronation

    This is a snippet of video from a recent trip I attended, a kite surfing mecca in WA where mates were setup for a week. Wife and I went up for a few days (no kids). My mate did a whole lot of cool drone recordings this was just a snippet of it. Nothing super special but some great scenery...
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    Offroad GPS with MOTIONX and Ipad Mini - Photos

    Hi guys, i wanted to share this as it's quite useful, and completely free (i think the app might cost a few bucks). I used to use google earth with KML files, now I'm using motionX app on IOS (Ipad MINI with gps module) ... and GPX files (converted from KML) Sounds a bit complex but it's not...
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    The thread of off-road gopro vids!

    got a go pro as a wedding present and have been having fair bit of fun with it since. Post up your off roading vids here. First cab off rank , Easter ;
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    Australia Day Weekend GoPro vid

    got a go pro for christmas and been having quite a lot of fun with it (albeit the editing is a PITA) OPen in google chrome if you want 1080p-60fps (other browsers are only 30fps) ps does anyone know why the youtube embedding isn't working?
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    Solar charging when car has a dcdc charger

    sorry if this has been covered before, i couldn't find an answer I am looking for. I am looking at one of these , to permanetly put on top of my canopy : I currently have an auxillary 12v circuit in the...
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    Glassy Lake Goodness!

    SLow arvo so thought I'd post up some pics from a wakeboarding weekend at a private lake we frequent, which was absolutely unreal on the count of the weather. THe drive down I had my doubts as there was some rain in the forecast and low temps, but what we ended up with was absolutely no wind...
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    Offroad Navigation Satellite Imagery - how I do it

    just wanted to share this. I've found that offroad, using satellite imagery to find your way very handy, especially when there's a maze of tracks and you're trying to get through somewhere. What I do is draw up (or use existing GPS logs for garmin) into google earth , save as a kmz file...
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    Trip Report - South Coast Magic (warning lot of photos)

    Bit of a trip report from a week or so down on south coast in around Bremer. Bloody magic down there, didn't get to explore anywhere near all of the bremer area, but will be heading down again for sure. East Bremer with +1 +master, we didn't see another person the entire day. He was...
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    Waeco fridge problem - thoughts?

    other than "its waeco throw it out" , does anyone have a constructive idea what may be going on ... here's the scenario and video -- Only occurs if fridge has been off for quite a while and powered on. -- It runs for a minute or two normally after being powered on, then suddenly hear the RPM...
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    What wattage bulb is this ?

    Pulled it from the indicator cluster of my factory alloy bullbar (replaced with led cluster) Can't get any markings off it. Need to get a load resistor as it's caused my indicators to flash fast. I need a load resistor that mimmicks what ever the load of this globe is. ** Sent from...
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Hi Guys, Seen a thread like this on other forums and thought I'd start one as I love photography and going offroad even more! Rule : Max of 4 per day. Rule : Must have your 4wd in the photo , and must be offroad (either parked up in a scenic spot, or being actively used .. whatever floats your...
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    My sr5 lux

    Good Points Great in sand. Reliable. Versatile. Comfort. Easy. V6 (1GRFE) and 5spd auto (A750F) are bulletproof compared to the diesel hilux variants that are prone to catastrophe. Bad points Thirsty being a heavy petrol (but I'm ok with that), IFS, alternator output in the V6 is a...
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    Photo report from ningaloo coast 2013 & 2012 (warning many photos)

    Hey Y'all, newbie here though id just sharing some snaps from a couple weeks up on the Ningaloo coast. Fair bit of crappy weather but made the most of the good weather days. We did vast majority of driving through night due to bub and other reasons ... was like driving through Noah's arc the...
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    Waeco CDF-35 for sale (perth)

    (note : pdf attachment is attached) For Sale: Waeco CDF-35 (CF-35) - $450 Waeco CDF35, with 240v inverter. Superb fridge can run direct from 12v or 240volt via included inverter, authentic Waeco Uses German-made DANFOS compressor. Comes with Waeco insulation bag. Fridge is in perfect...