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  1. smitty_r51

    LiFePo4 safety

    No issues with mine but then I haven't crashed with it in. Have seen videos of someone dropping one in a burning pill drum and shooting one with a pistol without issue of you want to take it to extremes
  2. smitty_r51

    So new I haven't got a vehicle yet!

    Yeah as boobook said, use the car first, throw boxes in the tub to work out what spaces you need, then start the build took 2 years before i modded the pathy after buying it, and that was new tyres and a roof rack for storage... 11 years later and it is just about done and i have only had to do...
  3. smitty_r51

    new land rover defender

    Never mind the defender, can I just have the keys to any other car in that garage
  4. smitty_r51

    New Defender, observations and opinions of the available information !

    Saw two in convoy today on the tracks around blue range heading up towards two sticks in the Brindies. Although they were parked up and the guy was waking around with his phone in the air I assume trying to get a signal
  5. smitty_r51

    Upgrading the swag... Your thoughts !!

    Kulkyne or sahara drover (wild earth) both the same swag, good canvas
  6. smitty_r51

    EV Power - anybody have experience with this lithium battery manufacturer?

    Yeah, i have had one of their 60AH batteries for about 6 years now, actually on my second one as i managed to kill a cell in the first one through mismanagement on my behalf. Does mean i have 3 spare cells in the garage still :) Rod is a good bloke and had plenty of time to talk through...
  7. smitty_r51

    Safe to cut alligator clips off air compressor?

    Nope, they draw to much power to be powered by a cigarette socket. My tjm is one of the lowest I have found on the market and that is still a 30a fuse. You need a direct connection to the battery hence the crocodile clips or add others have suggested a specific cable run for the compressor
  8. smitty_r51

    Corona virus

    My dad was tested positive from covid December 9th. He says moved to hospital on the 10th, into ICU on the 11th they put him on oxygen and he died on the 13th. His oxygen level even on the nasal tube was only 60%. He has spent the last 12 months in the UK in lock down and not allowed out his...
  9. smitty_r51

    New Defender, observations and opinions of the available information !

    Canberra land rover did a test drive trip out there, be why you saw so many. Not sure how many made it back.
  10. smitty_r51

    Free car travel on the Spirit of Tasmania

    Most of the cost is the additional passengers and the cabins.
  11. smitty_r51

    Spanish D40 Front Bar Ideas

    I know of a few lads happy with their bc products bar if this is the look you are after?
  12. smitty_r51

    Best polish for pinstripes and scratches

    Drive a smaller 4x4 and let someone in a 200 series lead the way... Less issues then
  13. smitty_r51

    When you recovered somone that probably didn't deserve your help.

    Yorke peninsular. Drive down to get a sunset photo and there are two old blokes bogged to the axles in a Delica where they have gone through the crust into the seaweed sand. So we drive onto help them, but of a newbie error as we got bogged too. Anyway, I walked back a couple of km to get...
  14. smitty_r51

    Tyre Rotation Diagonally or Just Front to Rear - What's your Thoughts??

    I always cross them, back right to front left, front left to front right, front right to back right. Spare goes to back right.
  15. smitty_r51

    New vs Old vehicles - your choice and why?

    Another one here bought new, done up over 10 years as things were needed. New is only expensive if you chop and change every few years.
  16. smitty_r51

    ARB slide out kitchen

    Is it any different really from clear views? Problem with that one was the weight
  17. smitty_r51

    Absolutely ridiculous advertising sizes... again.

    And that content comes from the user's. It works both ways. I don't pay for the site, but then I don't get paid for any knowledge or advice I give out to the community. And there are people on here who help out a lot.
  18. smitty_r51

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Depends how you play the game, two credit cards, neither have fees. Purchase goes on the credit card, that money is put away into a savings account, as soon as I get the statement saying money owed I go into the savings account and set up a payment for the full statement balance to pay working...
  19. smitty_r51

    New Defender, observations and opinions of the available information !

    I thought the same, was surprised when I parked the pathfinder next to one... Pathfinder was bigger. Or looked it
  20. smitty_r51

    Best polish for pinstripes and scratches

    I do the same, dirt and mud don't start sticking so quickly either. Plus it makes for a good before and after photo