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  1. smitty_r51

    For sale :Spare wheel bracket

    I have two of the frontrunner spare wheel brackets for sale I have moved to a rear bar. All fittings and fixings included. Superbly strong yet light, fastens with m8 nuts and should fit most platform style racks. Much better option than any straps or tie down points. Will post them at your...
  2. smitty_r51

    Rescue on the Balfour track So thoughts, nothing says the track was closed. The sign at the start of the track advises winch snorkel and convoy, sounds like they were on their own. Can't get a rescue vehicle in so...
  3. smitty_r51

    What have I got wrong?

    Just finished wiring up a stedi light bar. Specs say Current Draw 8.6A @ 13.6v For this I had to do away with the supplied wiring kit as it wouldn't fit so picked up some 15a cable from Jaycar. Problem is when I...
  4. smitty_r51

    Starter Battery recommendation

    After some good recommendations for a decent starter battery under the bonnet. Current battery is a no brand cheapie I picked up from the local electric place in Strathalbyn about 5 years ago... Been brilliant for the price and size but can't get the same one now being interstate. 620cca So...
  5. smitty_r51

    Tyre diameter and rotation.

    Just got back from the big trip that didn't get across the Simpson. 6500km+ on every type of road and track . Gone to rotate the tyres (6 wheels)... Spares were unused and have 15mm off tread and an overall diameter of 815mm. The four tyres on the car are down to 11mm of tread and a diameter...
  6. smitty_r51

    Countdown to the trip start

    So who else stresses out in the run up to the trip? Once I get on the road and am doing it all is fine but the 2-3 weeks running into it I am stressing, can't sleep properly, thinking and planning and replanning. Packing and organising them emptying it all and repacking exactly the same stuff...
  7. smitty_r51

    Jerry can sloshing

    Any body come up with a way to stop the Jerry can slosh when you have started using them... Filled up they are fine, take a couple of litres out and you get a lot of noise from them. Seems to be worse since I strapped them in tight, I assume they were moving slightly before (hence strapping...
  8. smitty_r51

    Beware of trees

    Just seen on farcebook Hope everyone is ok Story is 3 cut out, 2 broken backs, 33 broken bones between them.
  9. smitty_r51

    Upper Murray - Tom Groggin State Forest

    So having armed myself with some info on the forum and a four day weekend we decided that we were going to head over the mountains to the Upper Murray valley. Nice easy drive down on good Friday saw quiet roads and a lunch stop at Delaneys Hut...Great little hut, could happily live there. We...
  10. smitty_r51

    Tom Groggin state forest

    Easter weekend looking at a day drive to do a couple of huts, looking at getting from Bunroy hut to the Dunstan logging huts. HEMA has all the tracks as easy other than the section around Mt Baldy, no matter which way you go it has it marked as D. No wish for a day of recoveries, damage and...
  11. smitty_r51

    Crack on radiator... Suggestions

    People of earth. Got a slow drip on the radiator... Looks like when it was replaced in tassie they have managed to rest the support at the bottom on the bash plates... This has obviously got a hairline crack in it. Going to use the dremel to cut off the offending plastic but after suggestions...
  12. smitty_r51

    interstate confusion

    Can anyone on here explain the last paragraph to me? Are points not applicable interstate? Or just the traffic patrol couldn't enforce it?
  13. smitty_r51

    Waterproof roof top bag

    So i had a canvas bloke put me together a roof top bag out of heavy duty pvc canvas. The bag is solid as with good overlaps on the zip with velcro Issue is where he has had to join the fabric he has put a 2 inch overlap in but i can see daylight through the stitch holes. I have tried wetting...
  14. smitty_r51

    Roman king single Self inflating mattresses

    Got two Roman brand self inflating mattresses with built in pillow. These are the king singles and are 10 cm thick. No longer needed. Have used them for a couple of years, One is as new, one has a couple of patches but holds air fine Sizings etc are on the link...
  15. smitty_r51

    2010 Pathfinder

    Just realised i don't have a thread on here describing the car. Nissan Pathfinder ST-L 2010 (One of the first of the series 4 140KW version) Good Points 4WD ability, only times it gets stuck is driver error :) Bit different, it is not a cruiser or a patrol Low fuel economy Comfortable on long...
  16. smitty_r51


    Going to miss you Nicky Always came across as a gentlemen who was in it for fun first and fame second
  17. smitty_r51

    Stolen Vehicle - Sharing

    Hoping someone out there can spot it and get it back to him
  18. smitty_r51

    Five Weeks in Tasmania

    This is going to be a long winded report, there will be a short intermission and a lady selling ice-creams at the half way point! :D In summary 37 days travelling 4200 ish KM covered Bit of background first... Lost my job June 2015, unemployed for three months before deciding work wasn't going...
  19. smitty_r51

    Quiet - no people over new years

    As the title say We are in Tasmania for 5-6 weeks over xmas and through to Australia day :D:D:D looking for somewhere to go for the end of December, start of the New Years where we are not going to be standing room only .... bush camp is fine...don't need celebrations and fireworks, would...
  20. smitty_r51

    New hilux struggling with a swerve test 37mph swerve test in Sweden to stimulate avoiding a moose (suppose the overgrown rabbits we have in Oz would cause a similar reaction)