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  1. Zamunda

    SA - Kangaroo Island Camping Advice

    Hey Everyone Thinking of doing some camping in KI this month. Got about 5 days available before the Christmas holidays. Any suggestions on 4x4 access, secluded camp sites? Preferably by water. Lagoon or river front. Also any suggestions on 4x4 tracks to do or just off road tracks will be...
  2. Zamunda

    Regional Areas Benefiting

    We just got back from 12 days in the Southern Flinders. Sure was awesome! Pleasantly surprised, I noticed a considerably more than usual amount of local tourist traffic. Speaking to a few travellers they said "now that we can not travel overseas, time to travel locally." Speaking to some shop...
  3. Zamunda

    Good Tracks - Wilmington, SA?

    Hey everyone We have about 8 days on hand and a friend of ours has offered us their place in Wilmington to stay whilst they are away. In the past we have always driven past this area on our way to the Flinders, but never really gave any thought to exploring the Wilmington area. So we are...
  4. Zamunda

    Thoughts on PCV

    Hey everyone Hope everyone is keeping sane considering the strange times we live in. Need your thoughts on this... My 80 series is a 1997 petrol model. Done 300,000km. Recently during a routine service, the garage I have always gone to suggested I get the PCV valve clean along with the intake...
  5. Zamunda

    EP2 - Chat with an offroader from the 60s

    I am loving these chats with my good friend Terry. I film the chats as I listen to the most of the stories for the first time. So quite exciting. Here is the second part.
  6. Zamunda

    Chat with an offroader from the 60s

    A good friend of mine travelled Adelaide to Alice and back in a VW Beetle back in 1961. He had none of the gear we carry today (except for a rope and shovel). Check out the interview..... PS - if you like the vid please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already. Helps me in...
  7. Zamunda

    Let's Do The Right Thing

    We all being outdoor lovers, this is certainly quite a challenging time. I am bored out of my mind sitting at home. For the last 17 years, we've worked from home so when this stay at home thing came about, we said easy done. Then to realise, not being able to socialise, share a drink at the pub...
  8. Zamunda

    Traveling under the current situation

    So a lot of our work is getting rescheduled. Not so great when being self-employed. But it is what it is. So we are thinking of going bush. Question is, is this part of "self-isolation" / "social distancing"? Or should we rather stay put at home? What are your thoughts?
  9. Zamunda

    Replacing Seats - your thoughts?

    So my 80's driver and front passenger seats have seen better days. After 270,000km they are quite tired. Add to that I have a bit of a bad back. So looking to do something about the seats. It is a trade-off between cost vs comfort value. I don't do more than 10,000km of driving each year (wish...
  10. Zamunda

    How Many Spare Wheels Do You carry?

    I've been carrying two spare wheels ever since I started off-roading 20 years or so ago. My type of off-roading is mostly touring. The reason for carrying two spares is, majority of the time it is just me and the Mrs, so having two gave me that peace of mind. Have to admit, up to now, only once...
  11. Zamunda

    Lost my best mate

    It's been a shitty week. Had to say goodbye to my best mate - Diesel today. He was also an awesome travel companion. A few months back he developed a limp on his front right leg. Since he had already had a bit of arthritis thought it was getting a bit worse with age. He was 10. On Monday...
  12. Zamunda

    Holden No More

    Thank you GM for killing off an Aussie icon. GM never knew what they were doing.
  13. Zamunda

    Your thoughts on Telstra

    I have had the worst experience ever with Telstra and it is not over yet. No internet for the past two weeks (and counting). I run a home business so it is hitting me hard. After several attempts at resolving my issue, they then sent me a "smart modem" which is supposed to switch to 4G when...
  14. Zamunda

    Merry Christmas from the Udawattas

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, wishing you all a wonderful festive season. May the new year be filled with joy, happiness, lots of beer and 4WDing :D If you are traveling these holidays, travel safe and have an amazing time. Cheers everyone Duncan...
  15. Zamunda

    Got my Calendar!!!!!

    Super stoked!! Made it to April and September 2020. thanks Team 4x4Earth.
  16. Zamunda

    Advice - Auto Box Fluid Level - 80 Series

    Hey everyone Hope you all are well. What are your thoughts on this....... I have always checked the auto box fluid level in my 80 series after driving the fourby for a while. When I do this the fluid level has always been on the hot-high mark. I check the fluid levels with the engine...
  17. Zamunda

    Cruise Control Question

    Hey everyone. This is not much of an offroading question. Rather a general vehicle question. We have a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder which is our daily runner. The cruise control is pretty useless going downhill. Despite locking in the speed the vehicle runs away increasing in speed. Eventually having...
  18. Zamunda

    Celebrating 4 Wheel Driving - NMM

    Some pics from the National Motor Museum's day of celebrating 4 wheel driving. This was one neat 80. Getting ready for the damper competition. My first 4x4 was a Series 1. Bought it at a Govt auction back in Africa. The only 4x4 I (along with a friend) could afford on the pocket money we...
  19. Zamunda

    1997 Petrol 80 Series Engine Check Light

    This morning after driving my 80 for about 2km the engine check light came on. Engine runs perfectly. No power loss. Temp, oil pressure normal. Once I switched off the engine and then restarted it the light was off and then came back on after running for about 5mins. I switched off again and...
  20. Zamunda

    Roothy's Milo | SA Motor Museum 4x4 day

    Any South Aussie coming to the SA Motor Museum 4x4 day on Sunday 19th May? Roothy will be there handing over Milo to the Museum. Would love to meet up if you come over. I will be with the SA Landcruiser Club. Cheers!