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  1. richardlnsw

    Coffee machines

    Start another thread, this one is about coffee machines.
  2. richardlnsw

    Coffee machines

    So without stating the obvious.... let's keep this thread to what it is intended or it will be closed. Cheers.
  3. richardlnsw

    Living the dream

    Welcome to Earth.
  4. richardlnsw

    R u ok?

    No it's not at all. You have no idea on the chances he has been given but just ignores them completely. His choice. Live by the sword.....
  5. richardlnsw

    Howdy all

    Welcome to Earth.
  6. richardlnsw

    G'day All.

    Welcome to Earth.
  7. richardlnsw

    Hi from the GC

    Welcome to Earth. Plenty of good info here.
  8. richardlnsw

    5th Annual NSW Meet - Barrington Tops May 1-3 (Cancelled)

    That will be an awesome weekend. Beautiful country side around that area, and a couple of good pubs too.:cool: sadly can't make it. Last year I was in Broome, this year Bundaberg. Hopefully next year I'll be close enough to join in.
  9. richardlnsw

    Meet Our Moderators

    Still here too.
  10. richardlnsw

    What does everyone think of Holden pulling out of Australia?

    All good mate, I don't think you need to apologise for the post.....but nice anyway.
  11. richardlnsw

    What does everyone think of Holden pulling out of Australia?

    I think you have taken his post way out of context. I don't think in any way was it directed at you or having a go at you. I read it as a light hearted post comparing old cars against new. Please keep posts positive, without insults.
  12. richardlnsw

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Yep. Have a merry Christmas and and safe and happy New year. See you on the tracks .......somewhere. :cool:
  13. richardlnsw

    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    Our journey so far.....getting closer.:cool:
  14. richardlnsw

    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    Just so you all know.....the only WA members heading to NSW to join the NSW group which are heading to Vic for the Vic gathering.....left Perth today .:cool::cool:
  15. richardlnsw

    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    I think it's quite a technical trip itinerary... you can be at Thredbo Diggings on the Thursday or Friday. Otherwise be at McKillops Bridge on the Saturday afternoon. After that....who knows.:cool:
  16. richardlnsw

    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    Looking forward to this trip. :cool:
  17. richardlnsw

    First anniversary of Mr Rums passing.

    Great bloke, his passion for life was incredible. His love for 4wding, camping and spending time with his Earth mates was something else. Always a place at the camp fire for our mate... Cheers Pete...Mr Rum.
  18. richardlnsw

    How many nights?

    Each to their own but I loved Kakadu....and Litchfield. Both spectacular but I prefer Kakadu.
  19. richardlnsw

    How many nights?

    There is always stuff to see along the way but when you are time poor you can't see it all. Cape, Darwin area, Kimberley, Karajini, South WA and Uluru. Spend as much time in the areas that matter most and just high tail it prepared for some long days in the saddle...but its worth it.
  20. richardlnsw

    How many nights?

    Also, Karjini...5 nights, Margaret river to Esperance maybe cut it to a week.