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  1. shaun0

    Lithium dual battery issue

    Ive got dedicated 240v lithium charger but also when i didnt have any choice jumper leads off the starter straight to the lithium did the trick until the redarc could start charging it. Doesnt seem to have effected it.
  2. shaun0

    Show us your meat - The BBQ thread

    Medium rare or Medium for me
  3. shaun0

    Camp Knife Recommendations

    Mine is D2 tool steel keeps an edge for ages
  4. shaun0

    Cairns workshop recommendations

    Handled awesome on the road back from Weipa the other day just need to replace some bushes but i figured I may as well do every bush while im at it. Anyway wont be till December some time now cars in storage. Had to fly out today.
  5. shaun0

    Cairns workshop recommendations

    My 100 series is up in Cairns now for a while and basically need all the bushes replaced under the car and generally check every thing. Plus full service etc. Its got Icon shocks etc and basically fully modified with the usual mods. Cheers Shaun
  6. shaun0

    Lithium battery charging

    One thing I do have now is a proper Lithium AC charger to boost it above 0 if ever it goes flat again. Only reason it has in the past is when i go an work offshore and not properly organising to have it on solar trickle. Did that last time though and all was good.
  7. shaun0

    Ronny Dahl has bought a new Hilux

    150K taxt right off to. I assume youtubers can utilise that!
  8. shaun0

    Lithium battery charging

    Jumper leads from from other battery straight to Lithium for a little while to bump charge up then shes right. Done this on mine 2 or 3 times and no issues.
  9. shaun0

    Truetrac alternative any good?

    Look at wavetrack lsd to I had that in a previous car. Was stronger than the harrop true track as well which i blew up! But anyway id still just go locker.
  10. shaun0

    What the hell with the Aboriginal Flag?

    No We are Australia. There for we are one and only one flag will represent us. Any other flag all good and go for it but for unity we only have one. That being said Federation is on very borrowed time anyway after this lock down debarcle as its unconstitutional,
  11. shaun0

    DJI Mavic Air 2

    Ive got the Mavic 2 Pro and just received the smart controller for it so I dont need to use my phone which makes it easier.
  12. shaun0

    Cape York

    Its hard to say how many will be up there its strange up here at the moment. Alot of hotels and resorts are dead but caravan parks are busy and it looks like longer term Grey Nomads sitting out Covid. Traffic on the main highways up here seemed quieter as well. Might be more people coming back...
  13. shaun0

    Cape York

    Yep we are in Cairns now and I have to get new shock bushes installed on Thursday and then we will probably head up on the weekend some time towards Cook Town. I drove up from Canberra last week! But here with a local mate who is going with me so knows the area a bit up there. No real plans...
  14. shaun0

    Cape York

    Gents currently in Cairns and will be up there some where next week!
  15. shaun0

    G63 roll over

    Awesome mate
  16. shaun0

    So who is going where as the lockdown is lifting?

    July 18 I hear for NT border opening
  17. shaun0

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    Some times when im hunting I sleep with rifle near me who knows what is lurking in the bush at night. Mind you I could just paranoid to!
  18. shaun0

    Induction cooktop & inverter

    That safiery link on the previous post has all the costs somewhere on that website for a similar setup. Not cheap!
  19. shaun0

    Replacing Seats - your thoughts?

    I saw this
  20. shaun0

    Corona virus

    Im currently in Brunei and probably back end of the Month so Ill have to go in to self isolation! I wouldnt mind just going on a 4wd trip and fish and camp for 14 days but dont think thats in the guidelines. Not sure what immagrationwill say if i tell them Im just going to go bush for 2 weeks.