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  1. richardlnsw

    Richard and Kath - From coast to coast

    Hi all, thought we'd do a bit of a trip report on our journey from east to west and an update on life in Broome so far. On the 19 March, the 2 of us, each in our Prado's loaded with all of our personal belongings and Kath's friend too (GVM, what's a GVM?! :oops:), left Sydney to start a 7,600 km...
  2. richardlnsw

    Forbes Farm Rescue

    Well, finally have got around to writing a bit of a report about the week. As the only Earth representative I had a lot of weight on my shoulders. @itlldoo said he was going but something must have come up sadly for him not to be able to make it. I arrived out at Forbes on the Thursday, already...
  3. richardlnsw

    Spring Run on the Mid North Coast 21 to 24 Sept.

    Well what a great few days. Friday 21/9. The group which consisted of myself, Wang, Billolga, Minelabmaster, 2002GU3, Hendo75 all met in Kew on Friday morning and as scheduled everyone was there by 10 am. Great start !!! We would be joined by Hoyks at camp that night. Departed kew at 10.15am and...
  4. richardlnsw

    NSW Xmas drinks Sat Dec 8 at The Diggings, Turon.

    Hi all. Just getting in early to start organising our annual Christmas Celebration. It has been decided after some talks with members that Turon is the place that best suits our style of celebrating events. It will be at The Diggings campground in Turon NP...
  5. richardlnsw

    Tribute at Turon for Mr Rum. Oct. 6

    For all those that knew Pete...aka Mr Rum well then you all know just how much he loved 4x4 Earth and further more just how much he loved a good yarn around a fire. After talking with Mrs Rum (Jen) Saturday October 6 has been set as the date for us all to get together and celebrate in true Earth...
  6. richardlnsw

    Spring run on the Mid North Coast 21-24 September

    Hi all. Just thought I would give plenty of notice so anyone interested can organise time off if needed. I am looking at 3 nights/ 4 days. Meet in Kew on the Friday around 10am to leave by 10.30am. We will use UHF Ch 26...
  7. richardlnsw

    Cameron Corner to Silverton

    Hi all. Just wondering about the Border Downs Rd from Cameron Corner to Silverton that follows the Dog Fence via Brougham's Gate. As it is about 400kms is there any decent camping along the way (bush is better) or is it easily done in a day? Is it worth doing? Cheers Richard
  8. richardlnsw

    Dargo High Plains Rd

    So with the Vic meet up approaching I just thought that I would let others know that according to Vic Parks the Dargo High Plains Rd is CLOSED from near Dargo to the Alpine Way (the dirt section) and will be for several weeks. The only access to Blue Rag is via Crooked River and South Basalt...
  9. richardlnsw

    Good customer service for a change!

    Just recently I purchased a new Engel MT60FP from Tentworld Online. The online purchase was easy and it was shipped promptly with tracking numbers..... Toll Ipec Couriers. Fridge was delivered and after getting it inside I noticed that one end of the carton had been damaged. Got the fridge out...
  10. richardlnsw

    Hermansberg to Boggy Hole to Ernest Giles Rd

    Just wondering what to expect with this track. All the times I have been out that way I have never done this section so any info will be much appreciated. Cheers
  11. richardlnsw

    Vegetarian cooking while camping

    I have a friend's son coming out from the USA in June and I am taking him on a 3 week trip to the red centre. He is a vegetarian!!!!!!!!!! I need some help please. I know that there are snags, lasagne, rissoles and stuff but any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. cheers
  12. richardlnsw

    Our adventure to the SA Gathering

    So I put the idea to the missus a while back about attending the SA gathering and making a bit of an adventure out of it and SWMBO said "let's go". So Sunday March 5 we have an early start for the 860 km drive to Thredbo Diggings for camp. As we were planning on doing the summit walk of Mt...
  13. richardlnsw

    South Australia Gathering

    Hi all. Just putting this thread in this section to help advertise the upcoming SA Meet Up at Wright's Bay. I know that a lot of new members may not search through the trips section and in the past we have had members only finding out about the gathering AFTER the event so that's why I thought I...
  14. richardlnsw

    Teaching your children to drive off road.

    Just wondering how many parents get the chance to teach their kids the art of off road driving? I have been waiting for the day when my daughter wanted to start "low range" driving. She has driven in the bush near home but has been hesitant about the steeper tracks... but we changed that today...
  15. richardlnsw

    Richard, Shane and Todd's excellent adventure.

    Coolumbla (Shane aka Doc.), Itlldoo (Todd and his trusty sidekick Toby) and myself with my daughter Alison set off on an outback adventure to visit the 4 corners, Lambert’s Centre and all the other cool stuff along the way. June 11 we met at Meadow Glen rest area, about 60k’s past Cobar. We were...
  16. richardlnsw

    Stretcher Bed Comparison Just wandering what peoples' thoughts are on...
  17. richardlnsw

    Xmas Holiday Trips

    Hi all. Just thought it might be interesting to see where everyone is going over the xmas holiday period. Who's going away and where to??? Me.... I'm staying home unfortunately. But living next to the beach and bush has it's advantages ;)
  18. richardlnsw

    NSW Crew Return from O'Tooles

    Well after a week of travelling through some amazing country with an awesome group of people it was time to meander our way home. Only 4 vehicles left out of the original convoy as work was calling for the rest of the crew. We left O’Tooles around 9.15 on Sunday and headed out to Licola via...
  19. richardlnsw

    Cleaning the Fourby

    Hi all. Just thought I would share my experience from what I discovered today. I know that most people are probably far more diligent than me when it comes to cleaning the truck. As some know I look after my Prado fairly well. When I wash it I always clean around door sills and rubbers. Lately I...
  20. richardlnsw

    Colson Track

    From everything that I read it seems pointless applying for a permit to drive the Colson Track. I haven't made any calls as yet but was just wondering if anyone had any recent info regarding this part of the world. Cheers