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  1. Gidgee

    George4x4 recovery?

    Browsing around for a snatch strap recovery kit (though I'm yet to need my shovel, let alone Treds), I need a receiver, strap, bow shackles and thought I'd get an alloy receiver for a small weight savings (but hey it builds up). Came across George4x4, who claim to have a a webbing factory, which...
  2. Gidgee

    Strzelecki + possibly Birdsville Tracks

    As time is ticking away my main plan of doing Kalgoorlie + GCR is looking less likely, especially with the latest spike in Vic possibly keeping borders closed. My backup plan is the Strzelecki Track (from Adelaide), with a possible return along the Birdsville Track (if Qld plays ball) -...
  3. Gidgee

    Nullabor + GCR

    Assuming WA opens it's borders before the weather heats up too much, we're planning a loop Adl->Nullabor->Kalgoorlie->GCR->Kata Tjuta->Adl. I'm always keen to get off the beaten track a bit but will likely be travelling with friends in a BMW X3 (AT tyres) so probably can't get too adventurous...
  4. Gidgee

    Best Eyre peninsula campsites/tracks/views?

    We're finally getting over to Eyre peninsula, we were going to do Googs track, and still will do it but just to the lake, and not heading all the way up this time. Instead we're going to do the coastline mostly, eg. Lincoln Nat Park, maybe Coffin Bay Nat park, Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, Ceduna...
  5. Gidgee

    Driving lights

    I'm going around in circles trying to decide what I need and what's worth it. Please help :) I avoid driving at night in the country, but having got caught out recently helping a mate with broken gear left me trying to spot roos in the dark with useless factory lights made me realise I need...
  6. Gidgee

    Oodnadatta track rough on tyres?

    William Ck to Arkaringa actually. Having not done that road ever I am wondering if I should be on AT tyres? I was going to put them on a year ago but never got time with everything else and I'm still on the factory HTs, which aren't great even on bitumen. Heading off at Easter and I'm still...
  7. Gidgee

    Side steps?

    I need to get side steps as stones are eating away at the rear wheels arch front. Any recommendations? I'd prefer to lose as little clearance as possible but rock slider type bars wont block the stones. BTW, I have standard offset wheels and mudguards so a bit annoying that the stones still...
  8. Gidgee

    9350 on bullbar?

    Anyone know if it's still legal to mount a codan 9350 on the bull bar (front)? Or have the recent pedestrian 'protection' laws impacted that.
  9. Gidgee

    Thuraya on Optus or Pivotel

    Looking at getting a Thuraya XTLite on a minimum plan. The handset is $700 from Optus and $799 from Pivotel or their resellers. The $15 plan seems to be similar but Optus only offer the $15 plan and are half the cost for data (which I doubt I'd use). Is anyone with Optus and can comment?
  10. Gidgee

    Old Peake

    Firstly can I clear up the difference between Peake Homestead and Old Peake? Are they both ruins? I think Old Peake is the one most people talk about visiting and the description (first link) on ExplorOz is wrong ? How is the road to Old Peake? I've read reports suggesting it's 1hr each way and...
  11. Gidgee

    Maree to Coober Pedy planning

    Trip has expanded somewhat, now looking at a big loop from Adelaide through Marree and Coober Pedy before Gawler ranges. Please offer your opinions on; We will have 5 nights/6 days to get to Kingoonya. Rough plan is 1. Somewhere vaguely near Parachilna, maybe Brachina. 2. Marree? Anything...
  12. Gidgee

    Kingoonya to Gawler Ranges planning

    I've read a few trip reports regards this area, thanks Bigcol especially, but after some recent road condition information and an idea on reasonable time frames. i.e would Kingoonya to say My Ive station be reasonable in full day with a few stops on the way? The other option is Waltumba, a bit...
  13. Gidgee

    ICOM 7100

    Anyone using the Icom 7100, multi band transceiver? ie. HF, VHF, UHF I was just going to get a UHF for convoy use and a bit of extra comms security, but HF has so much better range and of course direct RFDS comms. I know satphone is the ultimate backup in theory but I've had them fail for...
  14. Gidgee

    Adelaide to Emerald (QLD) route advice

    I need to drive to Emerald in July and looking for ideas on what to see on the way. I plan to take around 5-6 nights to get there and going via Broken Hill, I think, e.g possible route; Will be going solo and don't consider the Birdsville track a good idea this...
  15. Gidgee

    Loading dual cab ute

    I have a Colorado dual cab ute, and given the discussion regards overloading the tub and cracking the chassis I thought I should ask some questions about loading them. My understanding is the tub in theory can carry 1 tonne, but of course you have to take off any passengers and addons, canopy...
  16. Gidgee

    Bendleby Ranges

    Anyone got a full set of tracks for Bendleby? I'm sure they will give us a description when we get up there but I like to have an idea myself. We will have a couple of lower clearance 4WD (e.g. BMW X3) with us so any tips on what to avoid for those vehicles would be appreciated.
  17. Gidgee

    4x4 Earth Tracks

    I may* be blind as I can't see anything about this anywhere, but how are the 4x4 Earth "Tracks" on the site created? Are they something anyone can contribute to? * I am legally blind based on the law of SWMBO as in, I look for something and can't find it, she says "are you blind? Here it is!"...
  18. Gidgee

    Tyre/wheels what should I be looking at?

    Spent too many hours researching this but I'm trying to make a good decision. I have a MY18 LS Colorado with the stock 245/70R16 H/T on factory steel rims. I'd like to sell those and change to A/T, and get some nicer looking wheels, but looks are secondary to other considerations. I don't want...