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    Tyre deflator/inflator with screw on chuck? How to change “quick connect” to screw on?

    Hey guys I really like this 3-in-1 air tool, except I can’t stand the quick connect chuck on them. Absolutely kills me why there’s no options for this. I had a great bicycle pump once with a screw on fitting which I much preferred. has anyone swapped this kind of chuck over to a screw on one...
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    Running river water through a 12v shower pump. DIY external filter?

    Looking at picking up a simple 12v shower with an immersion pump. The kind you drop into a bucket of warm water, plug into a ciggie lighter and away you go. only concern is wrecking the pump if using water collected from a creek or river as I like camping in remote spots and don’t want to use...
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    How do I download tracks??

    Sorry this must seem dumb, but how do I actually download a track file (GPX, KML etc) from the track database? I’ve found some that seem good but I can’t for the life of me see a “download” button. Thanks