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  1. Perth Pioneer

    1992 Sahara HDJ80 For Sale

    I'm selling my Sahara 80series. Many modifications and upgrades for tough touring and reliability. 140rwkw 1HDT engine, Gturbo, Safari intercooler, Moonlight stainless air filter housing, 3inch exhaust Wholesale Nomad valve body and 2 coolers Autocraft Slinky suspension and Dobinson MRR remote...
  2. Perth Pioneer

    Waeco Solar Panel - Excellent Output

    I thought I'd just comment on the output from a Waeco 150W solar panel I've been using. During a recent Pilbara trip I was getting up to 143W from the panel. Over 9 amps charge current. Its permanently mounted to the roofrack so just flat, not angled to the sun, although this time of year in...
  3. Perth Pioneer

    Newbie from Perth

    Hi. Just an introduction from a new member based in Perth. I live in Perth and work in the Pilbara Monday to Friday. Long time 4wd owner with an old 80 Series Cruiser and recently added a Pioneer Mitchell to make camping a bit more comfortable. We have 2 kids and struggled to find the space to...
  4. Perth Pioneer

    Pioneer Mitchell Owner's Review

    Hi. I'm a new owner of a Pioneer Mitchell and thought I'd post up some feedback based off our experiences so far. Currently we have only done a 1 week camping trip but will have 28 days in it for our July Kimberley trip. Positives excellent build quality very easy setup and pack up - setup to...