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  1. Cyberess

    Australian "Online" Maps for Locus Maps

    Getting to that time were I review the XML update and re-release the XML files.. I think the WA and NT were mainly open street maps. Also don't forget to grab some of the excellent rather worthwhile offline maps from the Locus Store, I think that the WA and NT maps out of the Lotus store are...
  2. Cyberess

    service body recommendations

    4 Years ago I had a service body built, and setup on my Ford Ranger as from day 1 -- best thing I have done.. I documented the build at It has info on My custom canopy alloy with side Gull Wing doors flat floor...
  3. Cyberess

    ORUX Maps For Android

    OruxMaps is available free of charge from their web site also a paid version is available of Google Play for $5.99 in the Google Play, which is far better way to obtain Oruxmaps.
  4. Cyberess

    Mahindra Pik-up dual Cab, 2012

    Wow a major issue, best of luck, it will be interesting to see what the issue is, and what takes to fix it.
  5. Cyberess

    Mahindra Pik-up dual Cab, 2012

    Hi Kevin, What has actually happened to your gearbox, I noticed on the one that I had I had to be a bit careful as it would some times pop out of gear while idling, and it was getting worse at the time that I sold the vehicle.
  6. Cyberess

    Australian "Online" Maps for Locus Maps

    Hmm looks like it still needs more work -- when I get some time I will have another go, I think it will be a combination of 2 sources, I will just have to workout how too do it, expect another release soon ;)
  7. Cyberess

    Australian "Online" Maps for Locus Maps

    I have created a new XML file that will now scale and has better zoom levels for the NSW Topo maps.. The new XML render some of the best NSW topo maps out there as from NSW SIX Maps. To install and update. 1. Download Australian-Locus-maps20200118.xml as from...
  8. Cyberess

    Australian "Online" Maps for Locus Maps

    Its' been awhile -- I will have a look and see what could be the issue, I don't use the NSW maps much probably time to check the sources and update the XML file, anyone else noticed any issues with any of the other maps or states?
  9. Cyberess

    Mahindra Pik-up dual Cab, 2012

    It been about 5 to 6 years since I had done the install of the 2 din Android head unit -- but as far as the unit went with mine at the time, it was just a simple 2 DIN setup, and at the time there was no din plugs that would suit, so that I uses was a AA battery, , with the speakers wires that...
  10. Cyberess

    Solar output

    Just cruising past this thread -- and looking how people were measuring the output of the solar panels.. and no wonder you guys are disappointed with the output of the solar panels. The measure the output you really need a clamp meter, or maybe a Inline Amp Watt meter, as just using a general...
  11. Cyberess

    Would you pay $80K for the new Ford Ranger Raptor?

    There is heaps in Darwin -- Hmm "Rednecks" say no more :D
  12. Cyberess

    Aluminium Canopies Advice

    An Alloy Canopy with side doors is the way to go.. I will not say what brand etc, as it's more of a matter where you live etc, probably best to use someone local so you can personally deal with the build. A link to My Ranger Build, where I had the canopy made and fitted over 3 years ago...
  13. Cyberess

    Four Wheel Drive Victoria Have Sold Us Out

    I am a little lost here, this looks like angry social media post, saying breaking news, with the CAPS lock key jammed on.. but it's certainly not breaking news, as it's news of 3 years which looks like "hard" working "volunteers" of VIC 4WD Association, helped to have some input. Unless I have...
  14. Cyberess

    Australian "Online" Maps for Locus Maps

    Yeah your welcomed to reference this post, as far as I am concerned. The Australian-Locus-maps.xml file should work O.k. on your car's head unit, as it works on my vehicle's android had unit, and it's only running version 4 Android. I have actually made some updates to the...
  15. Cyberess

    Navigation (offline) Apps - Apple vs Android?

    It's "Locus Maps" for me on my Android devices, on Google Play Store it's got a rating of 4.7 Star it's got both online and offline maps, and the online maps can be offlined as well -- I have also documented how to get extra...
  16. Cyberess

    What’s better | Automatic vs Manual 4WD transmission.

    It's whatever you have got -- it's the best as long as it's not broken, and has you moving forward and in reverse -- I went manual to be a little simpler out in the bush, regardless I still have far too much electronics even with my manual ;)
  17. Cyberess

    New Mercedes Ute - Yes or No?

    The axe is swinging, looks like the Mercedes X-Class UTE could be a bit short lived.
  18. Cyberess

    Dual sim mobile phone

    I have a dual SIM phone that's Australian delivered, and can be purchased from JBHIfi that's a LG V30 -- comes with 128G storage 4G RAM for $499 outright. It does VoLTE, Wifi calling -- and it...
  19. Cyberess

    To snorkel or not

    How about a truly amazing dual interior Snorkel setup :p for your entertainment. 2006 Wk Jeep Grand Cherokee Dual Snorkel Fabrication WATERPROOF! Even more interesting is the testing
  20. Cyberess

    V8 Amarok

    Dreaming :)