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  1. Robbie_P

    My first quote for 2nd battery + rewiring (for fridge)

    Hi All, I am looking at getting a fridge for my 2007 Nissan Patrol so went down to my local auto-electrical workshop for a quote for the below: Install auxiliary battery under bonnet. Install jump start option. Rewire existing accessory sockets to auxiliary battery supply. Install new...
  2. Robbie_P

    Mechanic recommendation in Brisbane?

    Hi All, I took my 2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0 Diesel) for its first service (120km) since owning the vehicle. I just took it to the local mechanic in Wynnum (Brisbane) as they seemed to have good reviews, pretty convenient etc. His service seemed very good and alot cheaper than the Nissan dealer...
  3. Robbie_P

    2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0 Diesel) - 120km Service

    Hi All, I purchased my 2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0 Diesel) about 6 months ago and today I took it for its first service since owning the vehicle (120km service). The service cost $690 and they did everything required, such as replacing fluids and filters etc. They also mentioned the below 3...
  4. Robbie_P

    Sleeping in a 2007 Nissan Patrol?

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this was the correct place to post this question.. I am going for a quick one night camp this weekend and wanted to experiment with sleeping in my 2007 Nissan Patrol, which still have the back seats. The setup needs to be temporary, so i was thinking along the lines of...
  5. Robbie_P

    Camping at Moreton this weekend

    Hi All, Im going for my first beach camp at Moreton this weekend. Besides getting sandpegs, is there anything else I should consider with my setup or other tips for camping at Moreton? We will be camping at Comboyuro Point camping area. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Robbie
  6. Robbie_P

    Rust protection options?

    Hi All, I purchased a 2007 Nissan Patrol about 4 months ago which has no signs of rust. I havent really done much beach / sand driving (only a couple of times), but just wanted to know how important it is to have rust protection? I have been told about an electric device which prevents rust...
  7. Robbie_P

    QLD National Park Beach camping

    Hi All, Over the past 4 months, since getting my Patrol, we have been bush camping just about every weekend in the QLD National Parks and State Forrests. Most people we have met along the way have told us we need to go to Fraser Island. I still have 3 weeks of leave remaining, so I'm hoping to...
  8. Robbie_P

    QLD National Park with waterhole, creek and swimming

    Hi All, We are thinking of doing a camp next week in one of the QLD National Parks. We have 3 kids (8,6, and 3) and water keeps them entertained for hours and hours, especially when camping during the hot months. Can anyone suggest any good camping sites in the the QLD National PArk which...
  9. Robbie_P

    Power options for camping?

    Hi All, I am looking for some advice on a power setup for my travels / camping. I am based in Brisbane and most of our camping involves driving 2-3 hours to our destination, camping for 2-3 days, then driving home. I have a 2007 Nissan patrol, which currently only has a single battery...
  10. Robbie_P

    Mattress ideas for single swag?

    Hi All, I have a single swag (bought from 4x4 supercentre) and I am looking for a replacement mattress which reasonably comfy and not too bulky. The swag came with a 50mm foam mattress, but im not sure what I can use as a replacements. A single mattress (from ikea) is to bulky Gym / Yoga...
  11. Robbie_P

    National Park camping between Brisbane and Sydney

    Hi All, We are planning a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney (Wollongong area) in December and was just wondering if there were any good NSW national parks or reasonably priced camping sites along the way? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Robbie
  12. Robbie_P

    Mid December road trip to Sydney or Whitsundays

    Hi All, I am planning a road trip with the family (wife and 3 kids under 8) to either Whitsundays or Sydney (Wollongong area) between 15-21 December. Sydney to visit family and close friends, Whitsundays to explore and see new things. How would the weather be heading up to Whitsundays that...
  13. Robbie_P

    Easy access camping areas in Brisbane for my Dad

    Hi all, My dad has been joining us for camping in the national parks, which mostly require 4x4 access, have no signal, no electricity etc, which he loves doing when hes with us. During the week he would like to go on "solo" camps, but probably not as remote etc. Can anybody recommend some...
  14. Robbie_P

    Most practical and space efficient cooking setup?

    Hi All, I was wondering what everything uses for their cooking while out camping? I have a Camp Fire BBQ Plate. Its flat, compact and I really enjoy using it. The only downside for me is having to carry wood. If the campsite had wood for purchase or could be collected, this would be my...
  15. Robbie_P

    My 2007 Nissan Patrol due for 115km service..

    Hi All, I recently purchased at 2007 Patrol and its due for a service at 115km, currently its about 114km. Is it recommended to take it for a service at Nissan or should I try find a 4x4 service centre / mechanic? Cheers, Robbie
  16. Robbie_P

    QLD National Park camping suggestions?

    Hi All, Since got the new 4x4 we have been doing alot of camping in the QLD National PArk. The last 3 weekends we have done: Neurum Camping area (D'Aguliar NP) Archer Camping area (D'Aguliar NP) Green Mountains Camping area (Lamington NP) We have also booked the Settlement in Springbrook...
  17. Robbie_P

    Nissan Patrol leaking clear liquid?

    Hi All, I purchased a 2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0L diesel) about 2 months ago with 112,000 kms and it drives great! Yesterday we went camping and when I returned, I spray the underside of the car with a sprinkler for about 10mins. No heavy driving, maybe 10kms of gravel road at most. Today I...
  18. Robbie_P

    Nissan Patrol Servicing

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2007 Nissan Patrol GU with 113k on the clock. I think the last service was done at 110k and the next one is due at 115k. Is it worth learning to service my own vehicle every 5k or is it worthwhile taking to to a mechanic, who may be able to find things i wouldn't...
  19. Robbie_P

    4x4 Training in Brisbane area

    Hi All, I purchased my first 4x4 about a month ago and I would really love to know my vehicle better, learn how to drive safer and better on the tracks and sand etc, recovery practice and tips etc. Can anyone recommend any 4x4 training courses in the Brisbane area? Cheers, Robbie
  20. Robbie_P

    New 4x4 enthusiasts in the making..

    Hi All, I thought I would introduce myself.. I am based in Brisbane and purchased my first 4x4, which is a Nissan Patrol 2007. I want to see as much as I can of this beautiful country. I am not very "mechanically" minded, so would love to get to know my vehicle better, get tips, share my...