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  1. Owen PXRanger

    JMAX snorkels

    Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone has used a jmax stainless steel snorkel looking at getting one. Just wanted to know what people thought of them . Cheers
  2. Owen PXRanger

    Wheel and tyre choice.?

    hi guys I have a PX ranger and I am looking at going to steel rims and a new set of tyres would like some feedback regarding the best rim size 15,16 etc also tyre sizes i have just fitted a 2 inch lift and will be going off-road every second weekend or so on a good mix of terrain. I am fairly...
  3. Owen PXRanger


    Hi all i am new to the 4x4 world i just bought a 2012 Ford Ranger looking forward to getting amongst it also i am new to the Hunter Valley area.