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  1. ColHDT

    Jakem Farm SA

    Jakem Farm Adelaide Hills SA Hi All, As per recent thread about 4x4 parks in SA i thought i would post a few pics of our recent outing to Jakem Farm up in the Adelaide Hills just off the freeway (literally). After meeting at Otto's bakery in Harndorf for a quick bite we headed back onto the...
  2. ColHDT

    Adelaide Northern Suburbs

    The other one that is fairly new is Jakem Farm just out of Callington on the freeway. Been out there all day today and a good place to use low range :) more than enough mud for those looking to spend the afternoon snatching cars out too.......
  3. ColHDT

    Saunders Gorge June 2012

    We were up there yesterday and i thought it was reasonable value, nothing to challenging but enough to get a fix! Much better value than what it cost me to head down & back to Deep Creek Consv. pk in fuel alone.......let alone the one measly track that was open when we got...
  4. ColHDT

    Bitsimissing NH 91

    Pajero NH, 91 Bitsimissing Good Points This vehicle has allowed me the opportunity to spend more time with the family doing the things we all enjoy. The pajero continues to amaze me as to its capabilties, from the ease of c/d lock & super select to the factory rr diff lock it is truly...
  5. ColHDT

    oh what a feeling

    na na nah na nah........ "oh what a dumb ass"......:)
  6. ColHDT

    NEW 4X4 PARK - SA in 2012

    Bring it on - will gladly support a private enterprise like this!
  7. ColHDT

    mitsubishi nh pajero GLS 1992

    I reckon i spotted this the other day down main nth rd - looks cool. I wish mine had good fuel ecconomy, - agree with the comfort part though, seats are only lacking lumbar support. C u on the track:) Col
  8. ColHDT

    Camping in Mt.Crawford Forest 21/5/11

    A bit of info for those looking to camp in the forest next weekend, there is a "Farm Day" being held there, which, according to the brouchure is a pretty big annual event that attracts a huge crowd.......They have even promoted camping etc. for the event. More info @ birdwood primary school...
  9. ColHDT

    Quiet Little Spot - Adelaide - Humbug Scrub

    Great little gully, used to be much more fun before the tarmac was laid a couple of years ago. Spent many a quite arvo wandering around down there with the dog. Further on (towards goldfields & williamstown) there is a turnoff to alendale road that leads back into gawler - there is a small but...
  10. ColHDT

    4x4 Earth to Loveday - EOI

    Hmmmm - only returned from there on sat morning after 4 days of christening our first 4wd - WOW what a set up & fantastic hospitality too boot!!! I would love to return asap to conqour a couple of the playground obsticles that i didnt quite make last time - however i think i'd be pushing the...
  11. ColHDT

    Converted Tarmac terror

    Thanks for the kind welcome guys - look forward to picking up info and contributing to the forum. Cheers Col
  12. ColHDT

    Where did you hear about 4X4 Earth?

    4wd TV sent me here:)
  13. ColHDT

    Converted Tarmac terror

    Hi All, New to the forum so here is my first post, been a looker @ 4x4 stuff for a while but finally jumped into giving it a bash.....for lack of better words :). Purchased a neat 93 pajero with all the luxury rubbish on board - but its very comfy, factory rr locker, v6 manual with 240 odd kms...