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  1. LowLux

    New Cruiser

    Thought I'd better post the new Cruiser in here seeing as we haven't formally posted it and we bought in 2016...yes she is a year old now and the pic only shows her when we picked her up so she's a bit naked (sexy naked though) and she's had a lot of changes since then. She now has the...
  2. LowLux

    2010 Toyota Corolla for sale!

    • $10,499 • Selling because I accidentally bought a motorcycle and wife has taken Hilux over! • One lady owner from new, no accidents, city driving only, well looked after. • 65,000km • Powerful 1.8 litre engine but runs on the smell of an oily rag! • Full service history with all receipts and...
  3. LowLux

    Hey Hey! Welcome to a New Chapter of 4X4 Earth

    It's the dawn of a new chapter in this fantastic site we call 4x4 Earth! Can't help but smile!
  4. LowLux

    Happy Birthday to Cookie64

    Happy Birthday Cookie mate. I hope you had a great day and everyone spoiled you rotten. Going to have to catch up for a drinky or two soon. Cheers Mate!
  5. LowLux

    Drifta Drawers

    Well I have just recently installed my new Drifta drawers into the Hilux and I have to say I'm more than impressed for the $1500 + $175 to deliver to Adelaide from the warehouse over east. After getting prices from ARB/Outback/Ironman etc etc I found them all to be roughly around the $3k mark...
  6. LowLux

    South Australia - CUB Camper Trailer

    item- CUB Daintree LE Year - 2012 Off road camper with full independent suspension, 80lt water tank, stainless steel kitchen with 2 burner stove plus roll out pantry, 12v power, external power inlet, dual gas bottles, electric water pump, dual jerry can holders, deluxe awning with 3 walls...
  7. LowLux

    Happy Birthday Rossco!

    Happy Birthday Rossco! Have a great day mate.
  8. LowLux

    Happy Birthday Cougz!

    Hey Lindsay. Happy Birthday mate. Have a great day and I hope you get spoiled rotten!! Cheers Marco
  9. LowLux

    Happy Birthday Gunna!

    Hey Colin, hope you have a great day today mate on your 75th or 76th birthday...hahaa! Don't worry mate, your secret is safe with me and nobody will guess because you don't look a day over 80.
  10. LowLux

    New Moderators

    To all 4x4Earth Members. After a number of discussions between the Moderators and James in past months, it was decided there was a need to increase the site Moderator staff, by four, in preparation for the new site going live hopefully by Christmas. These people have been selected based on...
  11. LowLux

    Tell Us Your Special Talent

    After seeing so many different types of talent different members have on this site, just go look in the DIY Section, I'd like to put it out there for people to tell us what your special talent is. No need for modesty but please keep it clean. I can't say I have any special talent because I can...
  12. LowLux

    Mt. Dare Hotel For Sale

    Has anyone else seen that the Mt. Dare Hotel is for sale?
  13. LowLux

    New 4wds Becoming Too High Tech

    Thought this was interesting but why would they think it was news worthy? Check out the link. Are 4WDs too high-tech for the bush? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) I particularly like the end where the bloke says he's happy to stick with his old banger of a Troopy.
  14. LowLux

    Vehicle Technology

    I just happen to see an interesting post made on FB, by a certain 4x4 Earth member, which related to vehicle technologies and I thought might be worth discussing here, out of interest. What technologies would you like to see built into future 4WDs? I reckon there could be a endless ideas...
  15. LowLux

    Strezlecki Bitumised!

    So, I just read in the SA Motor Magazine (RAA), The State Government's finally unveiled a draft transport plan for S.A. Which includes sealing the Strezlecki Track! It's being done to guarantee the safety and efficiency of trucks travelling through. There is no real dates set on this but...
  16. LowLux

    Adelaide Motor Sport Park

    Just heard on 5AA radio this morning that the Paragrin Group (Name spelling ??), the family which owns the "On the Run" group of fuel outlets, is going to be spending a heck of a lot of money, in conjunction with a small cash injection from the government of course, to develop a motor sport park...
  17. LowLux

    Happy Birthday ROBZ

    Happy Birthday Mr. ROBZ. Hope you have a fantastic day with all the spoils deserved. Cheers
  18. LowLux

    Welcome Aboard.

    Welcome to the new Fishing Threads. This thread was requested by Bally for those 4wders who take fishing as seriously as they do their 4wding. Please try to keep any threads you start related to fishing or how you get to your favourite fishing spot and please remember, as excited as some may...
  19. LowLux

    Happy Birthday Clarkey! Meow!

    Hey there Clarkey...Hope you are having the best day mate and best wishes...Happy Birthday!! Marco.
  20. LowLux

    Happy Birthday Big Rig

    G'day and BIG Happy Birthday Big Rig. Hope your having the best day mate! Best wishes from lowlux