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  1. V8 4runner

    VIC - Toyota 4runner V8 engineered

    item Detail- Toyota 4runner - Holden 308 on gas engineered, comes with everything, Bar, winch UHF ... everything ! Year - 1995 Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (Legal Requirement) JTxxxxxxxxx Engine Number - (Legal Requirement) 11QTxxxxxx Kilometres - Brand new Engine in 2009, done...
  2. V8 4runner

    SWB patrol / maverick for sale- bargain

    Here is a cheap 4x4 that a mate of mine has for sale at the moment.... grab yourself a bargain. Ford Maverick SWB 1990 - eBay, Passenger Vehicles, Cars, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 28-Oct-09 19:00:57 AEDST) cheers
  3. V8 4runner

    4wd maps on cd

    Hi All, looking at different sources of maps lately, and was hoping that someone has heard of / used / recommend a set of maps on CD. I would like a full set of maps that can be viewed on the PC at home, and so I can print off the pages required. cheers
  4. V8 4runner

    Vic snow trip

    As per the previous thread, there seems to be a bit of interest in a snow trip. Skenes area seems like the place to go.. or any other ideas ? overnight trip would be be the best I guess so as we are not rushed to get there and back. anyone have any dates in mind ? who has snow experience...
  5. V8 4runner

    Vic Trip ?

    howdy Guys and Gals, just want to float an idea of a trip in vic. thinking out of the square, and somewhere that I guess not a lot of people have experienced before, Trip to the snow or even a sand dune trip . what do you reckon ? and who has experienced this type of driving before ...
  6. V8 4runner

    4x4 trip pics

    Howdy all, any chance of someone having pics of the day out Melton way a few weeks back ? cheers
  7. V8 4runner

    giant caterpillar found in bedroom

  8. V8 4runner

    VIC forests / parks... open or closed ?

    Hi all, just want to know what's open and what's not at the moment. thinking of going to Gembrook on sunday if its open, cheers
  9. V8 4runner

    True Heroes

    True Heroes -please show support Why do we in this country insist on giving out "order of Australia" medals to our swimming and sporting teams,...yes they have achieved the ultimate in their sport.AND, make no mistake about it...get paid extremely well for their hard work. lets stop this...
  10. V8 4runner

    Toyota 4 Runner 1995

    Toyota 4 Runner, 1995 Good Points It's a toyota.. tuff truck, easy to pull apart, modify and put back together again Bad Points its like the holden v ford, Toyota V Datsun...I mean Nissan debate. IFS some say is crap and must do a Solid axle Swap. What mods have you done...
  11. V8 4runner

    hello from v8 4runner

    Hi all, Just joined up to this site and thought i would introduce myself. from Melbourne and have done tracks that are basic right through to not so basic ...resulting in her laying over for a rest..oh well it happens my 4b is a 95 4runner with 4inches of lift, winch, bar etc.... but the best...