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  1. Bandit599

    Mitsubishi Pajero GLX DiD 2005

    Bought the 2005 Pajero turbo diesel myself and I like its responsibilities in handling on or off road ,also tows the van like a dream my answer to people when asked how does it tow the van, ANSWER what van lol, As you will feel it can pull just about anything you put behind it.
  2. Bandit599

    2009 O'Tooles Flat Gathering

    What a shame its planned for this year sorry will miss another great adventure but with these dates will be taking a leisure drive over to Perth to see family but will certainly get there 1 day
  3. Bandit599

    Installing new spotlights on 4X4

    Thanks for the knowledge guys but I think its time that I let someone else do it as I didn't realize the complexity of it all after looking at the wiring diagrams not very electrically minded ha ha so shopped round got and auto electrician to do it for $100 dollars been appreciated. BANDIT599
  4. Bandit599

    new member

    GDAY Trolley (you must be of yours ) welcome to the best 4X4 place on EARTH
  5. Bandit599

    Installing new spotlights on 4X4

    :)Appreciate the feedback guys will come in handy for next weekends project :)
  6. Bandit599

    Installing new spotlights on 4X4

    Bought a 2005 Pajero with bull bar holes already drilled need advice or diagram on installing spotlights ,wiring instructions or any help appreciated. Greg
  7. Bandit599

    new member

    Gday Joe Welcome To The 4x4 World Of Adventure
  8. Bandit599

    Ford Maverick 1993

    The red really sets it of in the bush I had mine for 2 years but regrettably to hungry on fuel so went with the 3.2 turbo diesel Pajero bit of an upgrade needed as the maverick was getting on in years started also to cost dollars every weekend.
  9. Bandit599

    Mitsubishi Pajero GLX DiD 2005

    Just recently Bought the 2005 Pajero myself and I like its responsibilities in handling on or off road also would like to see how it handles the towing side. plus was yours the Turbo diesel or petrol model.
  10. Bandit599

    patrol now gone

    I agree I just sold My Maverick(patrol) to get a Pajero turbo diesel 3.2 big difference in weight and fuel economy
  11. Bandit599

    Got my 4x4 earth stickers !!!

    got the new stickers thanks Guys and also remembered where id seen another set on a vehicle in Padstow N.S.W
  12. Bandit599


    Hey Big fella welcome to the forums
  13. Bandit599

    FRONT wheel not locking

    Thanks for the tips guys will try to get around to it this weekend if all goes to plan but as mentioned didnt hear a bang just was told front hub not turning
  14. Bandit599

    Happy Birthday

    manymany happy returns for the big day you grow a year old only to be young again to play in the mud (hang on thats why owning a 4x4 was invented for us oldies to play again
  15. Bandit599

    FRONT wheel not locking

    Gday guys new to the 4x4 world went out the other weekend with the maverick and locked the hubs manually when being wathched a mate mentioned the front left wheel wasnt turning as it was in the air and the right was getting traction going over some small climbs would this be due to the shaft...
  16. Bandit599

    Never Ending Story - 3 words per post, May 2009

    something about EWOKS
  17. Bandit599

    Free Stickers!

    Like the caption it'll go well with every thing else you can get up to