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  1. pauly16

    Driving lights

    Hi Guys, Just looking around for a good set of spot lights. can you guys please Comment on either your own or which brands to go for or stay away from?. I will be going the typical set up of 1 spot 1 spread. I am unfussed on halogen or H.I.D but would like to stick to a buget of around...
  2. pauly16

    95 hilux stereo diagram

    Hi guys, Just woundering if anyone was able to help me out with a link or picture of the 95 hilux stereo wireing diagram. I am currently in the process of installing a new stereo in my car and the previous owner has made a dogs brekky out of the original harness and i just wont to be sure...
  3. pauly16


    Whats your prefered meal from maccas?
  4. pauly16


    Any one heading out to Ripleys over the weekend? I will be heading out Saturday about 10am. if you wont to say hi.