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  1. 75workhorse

    hema nav system

    Les it is trying to find one of the camps of Birk &Wills the station we have, the grid reference we have.LES you know I have been in the country a few times. It is on private property but they still think Will's sexton is there.Les you know I know that country.
  2. 75workhorse

    hema nav system

    Is there any way and how can you find a place on the hema if you only have the grid reference.How do you put it in and how do you get a track to the point.
  3. 75workhorse

    Tyers again!

    I'll wait an see.IN 2004 on the Gibb River RD i cut a set of cooper STT to threads . Shit the road was a mess then so who is to say which is the best. Personal preference; I Guess.
  4. 75workhorse

    Tyers again!

    Mine are TOYO open country m/t's 265/75/16's. Only just got them only 1k on them i'll know more after a good long tour.
  5. 75workhorse

    Watch for falling trees

    Yes they can do that if the soil is saturated a strong wind and shallow roots in a thin soil bed on hard rock. The slope of the ground could also be a telling factor too.
  6. 75workhorse

    05 clutch problem

    Could be the Master cylinder or the slave See if there is any fluid leaking then you will find the fault Just a thought
  7. 75workhorse

    Broken landcrusier axle

    Yep up on the gibb river road , got to camp. As I always do feel all the hubs ,found the left one hot stripped it axel hot,came out fine The bearings were still together but a lighter shade of blue. Some heating with a gas heating torch.[gas bottle heating strait flame]off it come .Lucky...
  8. 75workhorse

    Broken landcrusier axle

    Have been reading this thread,has the Toyota had a bearing problem before. heat from a dry bearings "may" have weakened the axel. I have a bearing problem on the road [too hot ] changed bearing on the track[it was rotated] Same axels[hj75ute] had no trouble since Just a thought.
  9. 75workhorse

    Welcome to Toyota!

    I have 2 Toyota My 75hj ute[12ht] K55 Toyota Corolla[1981] hj75 wrecker for parts I have heaps of spares just contact me
  10. 75workhorse


    Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to all 4x4 earthers Up the red rooster ; those who have served know the answer.
  11. 75workhorse

    Cape York fuel prices

    Russ when I plan my trips I plan 2.50 a ltr that way what you pick up on the swing you loose on the round about most of the time about 60 to 70 cnts a ltr dearer than the city These trips if you want to go then you got to pay
  12. 75workhorse

    Simmo 2015 (planning thread)

    When the summer winds blows, they change the shape of the dune dramatically. Every year I go out the dunes have changed over the summer. The wind blown sand some years is worse than others and need lower tyre pressure. The conditions change from year to year Even the shape of the dunes.
  13. 75workhorse

    enviromental impact of 4 wheel driving

    Some of the most erosion,is when cattle or sheep, tread the same path Rain [heavy ]then the run off goes down the hoof tracks The erosion is bigger than any 4x4 will do
  14. 75workhorse

    Hj65 Toyota 1988 Rebuild

    12ht new gear box New wiring loom new diff [eaton locker] total rebuild mate will take the photos and post on my thread S&it I can't Stay tuned
  15. 75workhorse

    GQ Patrol carburetor issue

    Would it be the idle jet is blocked or the butterfly is too far closed . just a thought
  16. 75workhorse

    Hydraulic Clutch Problems

    There are probably two causes it either sucks air around the rubbers of the master or slave cylinders. had same trouble with my Cruiser clutch. New master no more trouble
  17. 75workhorse

    80 Series overheating

    Mate I have a 1hz motor in my shed same problem what was wrong was a HAIR line crack in the head between 4&5 combustion chambers hope this helps
  18. 75workhorse

    Hema HN6

    Since I bought a hn7 With limited handle on digital things. What I would like to know is. Can erase all the errors that I made trying to work out the instruction manual. Us old farts with modern toys S/it god help us My granddaughter is in England so I'm so stuffed. please HELP
  19. 75workhorse

    hema hn7

    Bugsy I had the coarse up on being a bit blind I didn't see the little green light on. All good now If you do that factory restore will it wipe out all my mistakes thanks for your reply Gordo
  20. 75workhorse

    hema hn7

    I bought a new hema the other day While I was out trying it out I did something that shifted the heama off always showing north . the map is always rotating and I can't fix it Can someone out there please run me through how to get it back o normal as it is bugging me I am not real...