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  1. GPS Guru

    Cheap Diesel

    I filled up today at United in Mahoneys Rd Thomastown. i was expecting to pay around $1.12 per litre as I find them very cheap but it was 0.987 per litre, the cheapest I had seen for years. Plus I got a further four cents per litre off courtesy of a Collingwood Footy Club membership. is there...
  2. GPS Guru

    What is the matter with some people?

    I was in Wonnangatta the other day and some idiot has driven off the defined track right past a sign with a notice stating that a $2,000 fine is applicable for doing exactly that. These morons go and ruin it for the rest of us. Pull your heads in if any of you idiots responsible for this sort of...
  3. GPS Guru

    Catchcan for Mitsubishi Challenger

    I'm looking at installing a catchcan on a 2011 Challenger with the 2.5 turbo diesel. Any recommendations for a good quality one?
  4. GPS Guru

    Vehicle Insurance

    We have three fourbies insured with Club 4x4 and have been very happy with them until recently. All vehicles are registered in Victoria however my 18 year old son has temporarily moved interstate for work and taken the 2011 Challenger (registered in Mums name) with him and he is now the sole...
  5. GPS Guru

    Water Leak in Mitsubishi Challenger?

    My son sent me these pics from his Challenger today and I suspect a water leak to state the obvious! The reservoir was nearly empty. I’m wondering if it would be just a case of replacing the hose or could it be something more sinister? It’s a 2011 model with the 2.5 diesel. Also, any...
  6. GPS Guru

    Old Man Emu Suspension for GU Patrol For Sale

    Just done the GVM upgrade and have a set of OME suspension for sale. They came off a 2002 Y61. Four coils and four shockers of which one has a slight weep. They gave the truck a 50 mm lift when installed. Pick up in Diamond Creek. $200 not negotiable.
  7. GPS Guru

    Nissan GU Patrol Winch Bar For Sale

    I have just upgraded to an ARB bar and have a Nissan winch bar for sale. It has come off a 2002 Y61. Everything is together and should just bolt on (bolts and nuts etc not included). A bit of a paint and a scrub will have it looking pretty good. There is just one area on the top that could be...
  8. GPS Guru

    GVM Upgrade For GU Patrol Wagon

    I have a 2002 GU with the 4.2 turbo diesel and want to do a GVM upgrade. Any recommendations and idea of cost?
  9. GPS Guru

    Driving Lights on Mitsubishi Challenger

    I'm looking at putting some driving lights on a 2011 Mitsubishi Challenger. I'm wondering if they would be detrimental to the cooling system and if I would be better off with a light bar? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. GPS Guru

    Google Maps VS GPS Navigation

    So it’s time to upgrade the CD/cassette player in the truck to something a bit more modern. Having only used GPS navigators, I’m wondering what the user experience that people have found with Google Maps is like? I’m tossing up whether to get a head unit with just Apple Play instead of installed...
  11. GPS Guru

    Swag or Tent

    I have a double swag but feel that it’s too big to take away now (I don’t have a roof rack). I’m toying with the idea of either purchasing a single swag or a one man hiking tent with inflatable mattress for a trip to the outback shortly. I like the idea of the latter due to weight and size. With...
  12. GPS Guru

    Ipads and the law

    I heard today that some drivers have been pulled up by police for having an Ipad in the front of the car (not windscreen mounted). It seems that they are interpreting the law that states that you are to have no video displayed whilst driving, even if it is only showing a map as the potential is...
  13. GPS Guru

    GU Patrol Pillar Gauges

    Any recommendations for a pillar gauge? Was thinking boost, EGT and charging.
  14. GPS Guru

    Stolen Goods

    Hi all. I have had three orders placed for Garmin Etrex 10 GPS units recently, all fraudulent using stolen credit cards. Unfortunately two got delivered in Chifley, Sydney. If anyone sees any for sale cheaply, can you PM please? Thanks.
  15. GPS Guru

    Best Way to Dry Wet Carpet

    Unfortunately I got stuck on a bog hole at Toolangi yesterday and it was bit too deep resulting in water entering the car. I now have the carpets out having washed them and they are hanging up outside drip drying. With the forecast weather in Melbourne over the weekend, I reckon it could take...
  16. GPS Guru

    Northern Territory Maps

    Does anyone know of any 1:100,000 maps of the NT (Tanami region) suitable for an iPad? I had a look at the Apps store but it came up with nothing.
  17. GPS Guru

    GU Steps

    I manage to mangle one of my original Nissan steps as well as doing a little bit of panel damage on the sills. Any recommendations on steps? I have looked at ARB and Raslarr. They are both the same price and look petty much the same. Any pics would also be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. GPS Guru

    Billy Goat Bluff and then where to?

    I'm after ideas. I'm heading off from Briagalong on Tuesday and have to be back in Melbourne by Thursday. Solo vehicle trip and looking at doing Billy Goat Bluff and have done Wonnangatta. Last time we went on to Zeka Spur and out through Mansfield. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions...
  19. GPS Guru

    Roof Racks - Which One To Get?

    I'm considering getting a roof rack for the GU but know nothing about them. Just after some feedback on what are good, and the price, plus what are not so good. Thanks.
  20. GPS Guru

    Ios 8

    I have an Ipad 2 and got the notification that there was a software update so naturally loaded IOS 8. BIG MISTAKE!!!! The Ipad freezes, is slow and laggy now. I was thinking of taking it to an Apple shop but my experiences there have given me the impression that not only do the employees look...