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  1. V8 4runner

    VIC - Toyota 4runner V8 engineered

    Bump. 10k will see you taking it away, supplying your own rwc cheers
  2. V8 4runner

    VIC - Toyota 4runner V8 engineered

    Heaps of interest ... over 80 people watching it on ebay. Get a bid in, it could be yours. Imagine owning a fully engineered V8 with ALL the extras.... mmmm
  3. V8 4runner

    VIC - Toyota 4runner V8 engineered

    item Detail- Toyota 4runner - Holden 308 on gas engineered, comes with everything, Bar, winch UHF ... everything ! Year - 1995 Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (Legal Requirement) JTxxxxxxxxx Engine Number - (Legal Requirement) 11QTxxxxxx Kilometres - Brand new Engine in 2009, done...
  4. V8 4runner

    Toyota Surf 1993

    Dont go letting the IFS hold you back mate. cheers
  5. V8 4runner

    Hilux/ Lexus motor conversion.

    All the info you need can be found here from people who have done it before. engine conversion section. Toyota 4WD Surf Owners :: Index hope that helps, Cheers
  6. V8 4runner

    toyota hilux surf (2LT) vaccum diagram

    have a look here. Toyota 4WD Surf Owners :: Index I know that there have been diagrams posted up in the past... hope this helps. cheers
  7. V8 4runner

    Toyota Hilux Surf 1994

    Nice looking Surf ! what do you plan on doing with the front end to match the height of the rear with the 80 series coils ? cheers
  8. V8 4runner

    Anyone been to Wombat/Lerderderg (VIC) recently?

    was up there the about 3 weeks ago.... same old forest as always... dry, dusty and big holes full of water...beware !!! cheers
  9. V8 4runner

    33" tyres on hilux ???

    pretty sure they will scrub when on full compression / lock.... but for on road should be fine. try to borrow a set before you buy... just to be sure. cheers
  10. V8 4runner

    SWB patrol / maverick for sale- bargain

    Here is a cheap 4x4 that a mate of mine has for sale at the moment.... grab yourself a bargain. Ford Maverick SWB 1990 - eBay, Passenger Vehicles, Cars, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 28-Oct-09 19:00:57 AEDST) cheers
  11. V8 4runner

    To rebuild or replace

    My advice is to take your time and do your homework. If you are thinking of upgrading the 4x4 in say the next 3 years... flog it off now ! otherwise an engine conversion of any kind will make it into a keeper for many years to come. look at your options... rebuild your motor = $ buy a...
  12. V8 4runner

    hello from v8 4runner

    well it certainly has been a while since adding info and pics to this thread. thanks to all who have left positive comments about my 4x4... much appreciated. so it has been fully engineered with the following goodies on her. running the 308 on straight gas with 2 tanks in the cargo area...
  13. V8 4runner

    Loading Shonky maps onto Garmin Nuvi 255w

    in mapsource, select an area of interest and zoom in, out etc. then use the drop down map tags in the top left to change the map details... like oztopo to shonky etc. the detail is different across all maps... to state which maps are better is a hard one as each person will have different...
  14. V8 4runner

    Loading Shonky maps onto Garmin Nuvi 255w

    All your questions can be answered here... GPS Australia .:GPS Australia:. cheers
  15. V8 4runner

    Loading Shonky maps onto Garmin Nuvi 255w

    Shonkymaps by Shonkylogic
  16. V8 4runner

    Loading Shonky maps onto Garmin Nuvi 255w

    transfer shonky and any other maps that you have on to a micro SD card. place sd card into nuvi255... and the maps will load automatically. cheers
  17. V8 4runner

    which gps???

    I have a cheap Garmin nuvi 255 - $195 from JB hifi you can get extra offroad maps cheap enough and legitimately free to plug into the micro SD slot. works a treat cheers
  18. V8 4runner

    In search of snow - Sunday 16/09 Nth of Walhalla

    went to Mt skene a few weeks ago... awesome amount of snow, 3foot deep in some places... good fun dragging the kids along on the toboggans cheers
  19. V8 4runner

    gearbox help

    don't even try to put a v8 in front of the G52... it will not last long. get a R150 f box instead... often found in, hilux / runners / surfs / celica / supra / dyna's cheers
  20. V8 4runner

    Are you on youtube.???

    This subject has been covered before... cheers