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  1. 75workhorse

    hema nav system

    Is there any way and how can you find a place on the hema if you only have the grid reference.How do you put it in and how do you get a track to the point.
  2. 75workhorse


    Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to all 4x4 earthers Up the red rooster ; those who have served know the answer.
  3. 75workhorse

    Hj65 Toyota 1988 Rebuild

    12ht new gear box New wiring loom new diff [eaton locker] total rebuild mate will take the photos and post on my thread S&it I can't Stay tuned
  4. 75workhorse

    hema hn7

    I bought a new hema the other day While I was out trying it out I did something that shifted the heama off always showing north . the map is always rotating and I can't fix it Can someone out there please run me through how to get it back o normal as it is bugging me I am not real...
  5. 75workhorse

    Birdsville Races

    LES PK Going to the races again see the trips you have planed would you like to do the Hay track in reverse let me know and I will see the people I know to try to make it happen
  6. 75workhorse

    YEP; WOW I bought a JEEP

    Yep and I'm proud of the colour
  7. 75workhorse

    60 to the cape

    Would you believe that THEY are the ONLY ONES THAT HAVE BEEN TO THE CAPE S-it we did it in utes in 1974 HD And tricked 60 to cape F me I can not explain
  8. 75workhorse

    2h automatic fuel pump

    I have bougth an autommtic 2h diesl fuel pump i have rebuilt my 2h have turbo it running 9psi boost goes well but have turbo lag [i am running a manual pump] question will the auto pump give me more responce at the throttle? i have the inlet manafold all the mechanical change over when i...
  9. 75workhorse

    Rebuild 2H 1988 to 1990

    I have bought an old farmers ute 1990 1hz in tact $500 is what i paid have all moter ,lines,returnes ,every thing return lines for the fuel i am going to turbo this motor rebuild it [do it all my self] i have the man to re set the mounts i would like some constructive input on this rebuid...
  10. 75workhorse

    diesel injection pump

    I am looking for a 2H auto diesel injection fuel pump PM me or Ring me on 0407521263
  11. 75workhorse

    Qld 2h Motor 1988 Hj75 For Sale

    Tolaly rebuilt 2h motor armord pistons ballanced crank reconditioned head[valves inserts combustion chambers total rebuilt head] water pump every thing rebuilt pm me or call me 0407521263 advertised on other sight[look for photos] ohauled injection pump and injectors all sensorsNEW...
  12. 75workhorse

    dingo fence darling downs

    we have done the track more to come .meet second weekend july karra hotel .14thjuly i think not hard but fun.if intrested ring 0407521263
  13. 75workhorse

    dingo fence darling downs

    revisited the track today .as it was raining and at night the track we took out was afreshly graded timber track.[lucky to get out].A couple of other tracks to explore.we have camping grounds set this is a first time,we will play it by ear.all welcome.Will post more soon.looking towards...
  14. 75workhorse

    darling downs dingo fence

    we are running the route sunday we will mark the trail paint inpink because timber cutters have a diffent mark or crown .let you know more 75Workhorse
  15. 75workhorse

    dingo fence darling downs

    As per previous note.I have spoken to head ranger in toowoomba .we have permission in the national park and state forest. Iwill be going to mark the track.GOOD NEWS AND FUN TO FOLLOW; 10 trucks for fist trip
  16. 75workhorse

    dingo fence darling downs

    I have been to see the head ranger at home today by him it's ok i'll ring head office tomorrow to confirm. So far NO GUNS NO DOGS fires only in camping areas I will go with the ranger on sunday to see where we can go and can't go Private gates will be far only 10 4x4 but those who go...
  17. 75workhorse

    Toyota Landcruiser ute 1988

    Toyota Landcruiser ute, 1988 Good Points just right for me and my pup goodspase to carry your gear leg room in back canopy warm when i was tassi Bad Points i would like a sway bar in rear that to come What mods have you done? TOTAL REBUILD heavy duty bottom end dynamic turbo...
  18. 75workhorse


    just joined site G/day first go at this bloody computer machine I've retired now i play around with 4x4 drove semi's for a living now i work on old 4x4 toyota' I DRIVE a 1988hj75 ute live inQLD and have traveled a lot of tracks THANKS