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  1. brenno

    Gobsmackingly Stupid

    So if two of the members here apparently know of the people behind the behaviour which is unacceptable, who has made a report to the authorities to assist in tracking those behind it? I'm assuming of course that a report hasn't already been filed. Whether we like it or not, sitting on our...
  2. brenno

    New ELockers

    You'd be better off looking at Ashcrofts over the E-Lockers. You'll probably save some coin too.
  3. brenno

    Vote for the best bogging, crash, recovery and creek crossing gone wrong video

    It'd be nice if you'd post a language warning for the video's that contain swearing :mad: Kids on my lap earlier watching the vid's, showing them what happens when people do the wrong thing, and there's f'n this and f'n that.... Very disappointing.
  4. brenno

    Explore Aus Expo

    I want to know what now happens to the National 4x4 Expo in August? I'd like to learn more about this and the story behind it before I make further comment, as the whole "industry led change" bit being passed off as the reason for this new show needs explanation. One comment I will make...
  5. brenno

    customer service is alive

    So they stuffed you around twice (perhaps 3 times) and then they fixed the issue? Sorry, but that doesn't sound like customer service at all. If they truly had exceptional customer service, you wouldn't have been stuffed around in the first place... or the second... or the third... or.
  6. brenno

    4x4 boggings, crashes, recoveries, rollovers and creek crossings gone wrong!

    Considering that it seems to be in Russia, and who knows what the full story is? Perhaps staying where they were put them in greater danger than attempting the crossing. There are other videos here that give us a worse name than that crossing, and those are the one's you should be really...
  7. brenno

    Fines imposed

    Well considering the Subaru Club deleted the thread/issue raised in the last day or two on their Facebook page, instead of coming out publically and addressing it, what does that tell you?
  8. brenno

    Fines imposed

    You reported the offenders then, I hope?
  9. brenno

    Discount code to Melbourne 4x4 show

    Thanks Swaggie. ;)
  10. brenno

    Discount code to Melbourne 4x4 show

    Can someone please PM me the promo/discount code to this years show for online tickets. The one all us members get in the email. I've had to reset my computer, and all my emails are gone. Thanks in advance.
  11. brenno

    Can anyone help me please - car from Newcastle to Melbourne

    Hi all, Hoping someone is able to help me get a 4by from Newcastle to Melbourne, or perhaps knows someone in the car moving trade, etc., that could help. I'm needing to get it moved by the end of next week. Please PM if you can assist, or know someone who can. Thanks in advance.
  12. brenno

    10th December Christmas get toghther

    Sorry I couldn't make it. It looks like everyone had fun. It would have been good to meet a few more Fireline members. :(
  13. brenno

    Range Rover Hiline '86

    So where did you and Nicho end up going Cal?? Looks like an awesome couple of tracks there mate.
  14. brenno

    Defender drivers -need advice

    Was wondering when the Toyota 'fan bois' were going to chip in with their uneducated, predictable response... Reminds me of a story I heard a few weeks back of a 'yota owner paying almost $6000 to have the head done on his 80 series. :eek::eek::eek: To the OP, don't believe everything you...
  15. brenno

    Otways Run

    :D:D:D I bet we weren't the only one's either... It was a bloody wet day. What happened was, being tail end charlie for the day, everyone had gone around this particular hole. I called ahead and asked if anyone knew how deep it was. 'bloody deep' was Jack's reply. Stupid me should've...
  16. brenno

    Otways Run

    Great pic's Jack.... But, where's the video?? ;)
  17. brenno

    Otways Run

    Thanks for organising an awesome day Ruffy. It would have been a bloody wet camp for those that were camping overnight. Hope that you got the Jeep sorted out. Great photo's John. Wasn't aware you were from Lara too mate. Looking forward to seeing Jack's video's. Darren's also...
  18. brenno

    Land Rover Discovery 1997

    Thanks mate. Don't let one bad episode put you off. There are plenty of Landy's running around on dual fuel without any drama's.
  19. brenno

    Land Rover Discovery 1997

    I'd be more inclined to think the problems you had were with your installer or the setup you had, rather than the LPG itself mate. Pede's are obviously the ducks guts for the more extreme stuff, but MT's will generally get you where you need to go. You can always winch if you get stuck...
  20. brenno

    Land Rover Discovery 1997

    Cheers mate... Yeah, it does alright. ;) Maybe Skipworth next year. Would've been good to go this year, but I got a six week old at home, so getting away for a few days a a time is a bit tough at the moment. Catch ya on the tracks soon hopefully.