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  1. Joe

    2006 79 Series Landcruiser.

    I've decided to sell my ute. There is detailed information in the My 4wd section on here. Some basic details. 2006 HDJ79. 1HDT-FTE 4.2 factory turbo diesel. 275000 kms. The ute has been serviced every 5000km's while I've owned it. I'm the second owner. The ute is located in Ringwood Nth and I...
  2. Joe

    Roo Sytems exhaust.

    G'day all. Am in need of some help with info on exhaust systems. I have a 2006 HDJ79 with the 1HD-FTE motor in it. I'm wanting to put a 3" system onto my ute, the problem I am having is that not many companies make an off the shelf system to suit these utes. I was at the 4wd show today and got...
  3. Joe

    Tandem trailer.

    item Detail- Year - Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (Legal Requirement) Engine Number - (Legal Requirement) Kilometres - Condition - Price - Location - Contact Details - Pictures - G'day all. I'm selling my trailer. It is an 8 x 5 tandem axle trailer. It has a three...
  4. Joe


    Ok people, I have a problem that I am now pushing to fix. My ute has one of Toyota's factory fitted two piece snorkels. Now, with all the rain we had last night, I decide to check the air filter this morning, and low and behold, the filter was wet. I went and bought a new filter and swapped it...
  5. Joe

    Overhead console.

    Ok, I'm looking for some advice. I'm looking for an overhead console to fit a 79 series Landcruiser. Can anyone offer any suggestions or recommend where I can purchase one.
  6. Joe

    Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser. 2006

    2006 Toyota Landcruiser 79. 2006 Toyota Landcruiser 79 RV. Good Points Top of the line RV. 4.2 Turbo Six cylinder. (1HD-FTE) Rare, hard to find model. Very comfortable ute to drive. Goes like stink. Factory twin fuel tanks. (180lts) Bad Points Don't know yet, haven't picked it up. I...
  7. Joe

    STATE eg VIC - Item make & model

    Item Detail - Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (If Applicable) Engine Number - (if applicable) Condition - Price - Location - Contact Details - Postage Details - Pictures - Please ensure that all items are described as clearly and accurately as possible.
  8. Joe

    Wheels and tyres.

    G'day all, I've got 5 Holden HQ rims with tyres for sale. All tyre are in a roadworthy condition and would suit a trailer with the Holden stud pattern. I'm looking for $150 ono and can deliver if needed to, or pick up in Nth Ringwood. Cheers, Joe.
  9. Joe

    Trailer Insurance

    I've got an 8x5 tandem trailer that I recently bought and would like to have it insured. And as someone has already run in to it, I'm thinking that this is a good idea. The problem that I'm finding, is to find someone to that will cover it. I've called my insurance company that covers the car...
  10. Joe

    Day trip

    G'da all. Planning a trip up to Toolangi on Sunday ( 14/2/10 ). Will probably look to meeting somewhere in Lilydale at around 8 - 8:30 in the morning, anyone that needs to top up on fuel and supplies, can do so while in Lilydale. If there is anyone interested, let me know.
  11. Joe

    Rated recovery hooks

    Anyone got suggestions or recomendations as to where I can get rated recovery hooks to suit the front of an 80 series Landcruiser. Thanks in advance.
  12. Joe

    K & N air filters

    I've just put one of these filters in my car and my brother put one in the "Cruiser, and what a difference they make. A very noticable increase in power with a slight improvement in fuel economy. Highly recomend them.
  13. Joe

    Another 4wd show

    I found this show by accident this arvo. It's called Going 4wd, and it's on at 4pm on a Staurday afternoon on Ch 31. It only runs for half an hour, but appears to be a really good show. Certaily made me stop and watch.
  14. Joe


    Does anyone know what the status is of the tracks are up around Toolangi and surronding areas. Are they still closed from the fires or have they started to be reopened. Thanks Joe.
  15. Joe

    Rims to suit 80 series

    Looking for a second set of rims for an 80 series. Already have Sunrasias with A/T's on them. Would like second set for M/T's.
  16. Joe

    Day trips

    Gidday all. Thought this might be worth a mention, My brother and I try and get out on day trips up towards Toolangi at least every public holiday long weekend, or occasionally on any random Saturday. We make sure there is at least one other 4by with us, or to organise a group when we can, (the...
  17. Joe

    Gidday all

    G'Day all,still finding my way around. Still a bit new to all of this.