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  1. JP25

    Mazda BT-50 CV issue

    Is anyone else having issues with drive shafts and cvs on the bt50 or ford ranger? I have a 2012 BT and have broken 2 CVs and 1 shaft. The car is lifted by 50mm and is running 285/75/16 tyres. I've heard things about diff drops, stronger cvs etc. anyone done these mods with any success? Cheers.
  2. JP25

    Kumho Mud Terrain KL71?

    I'm looking at these for my next tyres. Anyone got anything good or bad to say about them?
  3. JP25

    Mud terrain tyres?

    Ok. It's time for new boots for the ute. I've owned most popular brands in mud tyres. BF Goodrich, Mickey Thompson, Copper etc etc, which I was very happy with them all. My current are Federal Curagia MT. I'm not at all happy with them as I only got 45k from them before they were past the wear...
  4. JP25

    Offroad Boss rock sliders

    Does anyone have a set of these? I'm just wanting to know how heavy duty they are. They look pretty trick, & very compact but want to make sure they up to the challenge. Thanks!
  5. JP25

    Remote locking kit for BT50 ute

    Anyone fitted a remote locking kit for a ute with a hard tonneau cover? Specifically the new Mazda BT50 or ranger. Mazda want almost $400 for the kit! I need to know where the trigger wire from the vehicle system is to fit my own. Thanks!
  6. JP25

    Yalwal/Yarramunmin open?

    Can anyone tell me if the Yarramunmin fire trail from Yalwal to Braidwood rd is open? Thanks.
  7. JP25

    Hi to all!

    Been Four Wheeling for years, but new to 4x4 Earth. I have posted a new 5 day track through the Victorian High country. Be sure to check it out!