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  1. Drewswb

    Rubber wheel arch Flares

    Anyone found a way of making them look half decent short of sticking a bit of 50mm ally under them ? Mine are wiggly and its bugging me
  2. Drewswb

    WAECO fridge voltage voltage

    So after 20 years of reliable rattling from the Ingle had to get a new fridge. Anyone found a work around for the 11.5v waeco cut out without surgery ? Yes the lighter plug had an unfortunate accident involving side cutters Yes the cable is heavy enough
  3. Drewswb

    Conversion to Petrol to Diesel is it worth it ?

    Ok looking for thoughts, just got offered Diesel LWB version of mine. Engine and running gear all good so is mine, and its a pretty straightforward swap. 5years ago I would have it in the shed in bits already, but is it really worth the effort these days ?
  4. Drewswb

    Flea bay Radiators

    Anyone had a play with the Aluminum Radiators from ebay , good bad or just plain ugly ?
  5. Drewswb

    Silicone hoses

    Ok biting the bullet and replacing all the coolant hoses with silicone mostly because they come in Green (and she said yes ) anyone used normal worm drive clamps ? Or are you required to use Tbolt clamps ?