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    tent dilemma for tall people

    hello im about to start to looking for a new tent i have a slight issue i seen a few swags but I'm also 6ft 2i-3i so yes i do fit in a swag but I'm not sure if i want to buy a swag or go with a roof top tent doesn't anyone know how long are these tents are (sleeping area) as i would rather not...
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    might be helpful

    i run a group on Facebook all about (Mazda bravos/ford courier 4x4) it has a copy of the service manual and its free to get most pages were still trying to figure out the biggest issue with these drive on the free way without also pushing 3000+rpms @110km
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    mods for the 4by

    hey all i recently picked up a 180cmX122cm roof cage home job but looks the same as the one from super cheap i seen today but twice the size n more then likely 2x as strong i plan to use it for camping as i always use my ute tray to take up 2weeks worth of stuff for 3 people 3x tents 3 x food 5x...
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    help suggesting tracks and camp sites

    every time i suggest a track or add a campsite all is well i add all the stuf find it on the map add the flag to it and hit the button at the very bottom and it says in red please find on map the red flag is already there what else do i do?
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    what do i use to upload a track?

    what is the cheapest way to upload a track im not made of cash n cant afford a map planner gps all i got is a 200 dollar job how do i add one?