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  1. Albury_Pajero

    Abbeyard - Lake Cobbler Track

    Had a recent get away to Bennies Camp Ground in the Alpine National Park. Great spot and I highly recommend it if you get a chance to check it out. Two long drop toilets and a wide variety of camping areas. Some great views of Mt Buffalo on the way to the start of the Abbeyard - Lake Cobbler...
  2. Albury_Pajero

    Jeep Track - Mount Stanley

    Hey Everyone, well decided to tackle what I 'thought' was a fairly straightforward sunday drive up Mt Stanley (VIC) via the Jeep Track. Apparently having had rain within the last week or so made a big difference. Let's just say took me about 5 minutes to drive up as far as I could on AT Tyres...
  3. Albury_Pajero

    Lake WIlliam Hovell towards Top Crossing Hut

    Hi Everyone, headed off towards Top Crossing Hut on the weekend. Track is in pretty good condition, first water crossing was fine, second at the King river (about 2/3 of the way to the Hut) was too high and too fast for me to be willing to tempt it solo without a snorkel. Some pics along the...
  4. Albury_Pajero

    Lake Cobbler Track - McIver Camp Ground to Lake Cobbler

    It'd been a few years since I'd last done this track and in it's current condtion there's no doubt we were travelling the easier direction. There are steep climbs whatever way you go but some of the hills we went down had been well torn up through traffic and snow melting making them wet and...
  5. Albury_Pajero

    Mt Selwyn Rd - Walsh's Track - Vic High Country 17/8/19

    Had the chance to head up to the heli-pad near the top of Mt Selwyn and check out the snow and couldn't pass it up. We hit one large tree blocking the track but were able to clear it in about half an hour, less time than we thought, especially since we passed a couple of vehicles coming back...
  6. Albury_Pajero

    Last Paj question - for a while anyway - NX GLS - Lockers? Or not actually lockers?

    Hey Everyone, was having this debate with a mate, I told him my GLS NX Paj came factory with a centre and rear locker, he's adamant its just traction control, not actual lockers as you need to get them fitted after market. Even when I explained the engage and disengage and the rear one has a...
  7. Albury_Pajero

    Pajero NX Snorkel - issue with Headlight washers?

    Hey Everyone, wondering if anyone else has a GLS or Exceed Paj that they've fitted a snorkel to. I've just had a quote and apparently to fit it the washer bottle for the HID headlights needs to be removed.. I assume they fit that for a reason and I know when they fitted the bullbar they put...
  8. Albury_Pajero

    Compass - not accurate at all?

    Hi There, wondering if anyone else has found the factory compass (digital) in the secondary cluster on the Pajero completely inaccurate at times? i.e. you're driving North East but it says South West? Can this be rectified?
  9. Albury_Pajero

    Old Coach Rd - Princetown to Moonlight head update (NO PHOTOS)

    Hey Everyone, Just thought I'd post this quick update for anyone in the area. I had the opportunity to re-visit the old coach rd on the weekend, it apparently is seasonally closed but was still open on Saturday 22/6/19. Have to say though, compared to when I did it last in Jan it was a...
  10. Albury_Pajero

    2018 Pajero - taking shape

    Haven't done a lot yet, until today just upgraded stock road tyres to decent all terrain tyres and had a rhino rack fitted. Had a full bushskinz underbody protection set fitted today and also a Dobinson's 2" lift kit. Can't wait ot try it out.
  11. Albury_Pajero

    2018 Pajero GLS - Stock 18" Rims - lager tyre recommendations

    Hi Everyone, purchased my first Pajero late last year and have been slowing getting it up to speed for some decent off roading. So far all I've done is fit a rhino rack for storage and replace the stock rubber with some Falken Wildpeak AT3's. I've got an ARB bullbar and a winch on the way, due...
  12. Albury_Pajero

    2018 Pajero 3.2L Diesel - won't rev over 2000 rpm in 4WD

    Fairly new Pajero, recently had 15,000km service. Was out today on a fairly straightforward track, almost got stuck because it just seemed to have no power or acceleration and wouldn't rev over 2000 rpm. Made sure it was in first, litereally stopped on a hill, foot flat to the floor, 2000rpm...
  13. Albury_Pajero

    Princetown to Moonlight Head - Old Coach Road

    This was a track I was curious about and had just enough time to check out. Turns out it was a great drive and well worth it. I started at the Princetown end where you turn off the Great Ocean Rd straight onto the Old Coach Rd (it's easy to miss), head over a bridge and past a very popular...