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  1. Pure Yobbo

    Grafton & Coffs Areas Old Railway Lines

    Hey Thinking it would be pretty cool to go for a weekend away and look for the old railway tracks stations and tunnels around the area. might take a bit of planning to work out when everyone is free. What does everyone think?
  2. Pure Yobbo

    'B2' Pure Yobbos G60 Project

    Howdy All, As per the description we have a G60 Project underway we just about have it ready to be registered just looking for a few bits and pieces, if by chance anyone has some G60 Bits laying around give us a yell please Looking For Heater Box Screws etc for sun visors The little...
  3. Pure Yobbo

    STATE eg Qld - Item GQ Patrol Wagon Chassis

    GQ Patrol Wagon Chassis - Chassis only no diffs, suspension or steering Condition - Great, straight rails no rust Price -$200 Location -North Brisbane Contact Details -PM On here Postage Details -Pick Up Only Pictures - Please ensure that all items are described as...
  4. Pure Yobbo

    Never Ending Story October 2012 - Three Words Per Post

    Santa is only........
  5. Pure Yobbo

    Day Trip Sunday 10-6-12 Will There Be Snow Yet

    Looking at doing a day trip somewhere on Sunday 10-6-12 (Sunday of the Queens Birthday Long Weekend) We will be in Melbourne for th June Long weekend and the bride has issued me with a leave pass for Sunday. Where can we go that isn't closed for Winter. Will there be snow yet? (Never driven...
  6. Pure Yobbo

    Please Join Crushers Facebook Page (formally Big Rwigs Garden Ornament)

    Hi All, Feel free to follow the 'Adventurers Of Crusher The Croc' on Face book Crusher on Facebook | Facebook I will insert the story of how Crushers storey began... Where it all began...Lurking in the depths (or shallows) of Team Big Rig's garden pond, sat a croc waiting patiently for his...
  7. Pure Yobbo

    Cowboys that go out wheeling when we have had this much rain!

    I follow a couple of facebook groups that wheel around SEQ. I notice tonight they are planning a Glasshouse Trip on Sunday. We have had 400mm of rain. There excuse is other clubs are going why shouldn't they. My question is would a reputable club run a trip into an area that has just had...
  8. Pure Yobbo

    LCMP 27-12-11 Day Trip With Possible Overnight Stay

    Quick trip upto LCMP on the 27-12-11 aiming to get there pretty early and making a good day of it. Aiming to meet at the office at about 8:30 - 9 am leaving the BP at Burpengary at 7am Channel 21 This run will be classed as a hard run - lift, muddies are a must :eek: winches and lockers...
  9. Pure Yobbo

    HAPPY 50th Birthday For Wednesday Challanglee - Quite a Milestone

    Happy Birthday Lee & Frosty (as the saying goes Frosty you are only as old as the woman you feel:rolleyes::rolleyes:) I think Lee is about to become a Granny also :eek::eek::eek:
  10. Pure Yobbo

    Fridge Slide Height

    Hi All, I am after the height of a frdige slide. Similar to the black widow kind with the full extension runners on the side. I am trying to design my new box for the front of my camper. Cheers
  11. Pure Yobbo

    Has Frosty Ever Been On A 4x4Earth Trip & Not Popped A Tyre

    Has Frosty Ever Been On A 4x4Earth Trip & Not Popped A Tyre We were all chating on the weekend while Frosty was changing yet another tyre and we thought - has there ever been a 4x4Earth trip where Frosty hasn't popped a tyre? I can't think of one:eek:
  12. Pure Yobbo

    Ripley or Senic Rim This Sunday 14-11-10

    Who is up for a ripley or senic rim this Sunday? Leaving 8am from Macca's Beaudesert if you want breakfast might be worth getting there earlier. UHF 21 You in Big Rig show how the big jeep performs???
  13. Pure Yobbo

    Gunshot The Hard Way Almost A Roll Over!!!

    Geez Frosty your way was no challange compared to this....... YouTube - ‪nissan patrol with trailer attempting gunshot‬‎
  14. Pure Yobbo

    Never ending story August 2010 3 words per post only

    Once there was..........
  15. Pure Yobbo

    Wheeling In SEQ More State Forest Changed To National Park

    Found this on another forum: Threatened stringybark and scribbly gum forests are among the 2000 hectares this morning added to the Glass House Mountains National Park just north of Caboolture. And two new national parks - Tewantin and Pumicestone - have been named to protect remnant...
  16. Pure Yobbo

    Nissan - Brutus GQ 4.2 Turbo Diesel 1988

    Nissan - Brutus GQ 4.2 Turbo Diesel, 1988 Good Points This Patrol is for offroad so no creature comforts here. Don't have to worry to much about damage or dirtying the interior Heaps of Guts being after market Turbo & Intercooler Bad Points Sometimes a bit rough to drive. Can...
  17. Pure Yobbo

    Camping Grounds In Mackay For Camper Trailer

    Hi All, We are looking for a camp ground in Mackay - maybe even in a tourist park setup for the June long weekend. We are planning on doing alot of day trips so a camp ground thats pretty secure or has a good repuation is preferred. Thanks in advance Cheers Yobbo
  18. Pure Yobbo

    FS:: PATROL GQ RTC Dampner, ARB Brush Bars & Bits & Bobs

    ITEM: 1) Heavy Duty Tough Dog RTC Steering Dampner Including Brackets For Mounting 2) Sold 3) Finer Filter Snorkel Sock 4) Ski boat sump 350 Chev 5) Late Model 350 Chev sump - has humps on both sides of sump for dipsticks CONDITION: 1) VGC 2) Sold 3) Could do with a clean and...
  19. Pure Yobbo

    Bribie Island Australia Day

    Tides are looking good for a beach run up Bribie on Australia Day. Anyone keen???
  20. Pure Yobbo

    How Much Do We All Miss BIG RIG

    Hi All, With Mark away on his adventure down to the other end of the earth and annoying some members by sending pics of his adventures I thought we could run a poll and show how much we missed him while he was away :D:D:D