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  1. JP147

    Coffin bay or Lincoln National Park?

    I am going to Port Lincoln on the weekend and would like to do some driving and camping. Any recommendations for either place? Or time for both in one day? Thanks.
  2. JP147

    JP's new HJ47 Troopy

    Summary: 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 4L 6 cyl diesel 4 speed transmission Eaton Harrop E-locker front locker 4WD Systems Lokka rear locker 60L 2nd fuel tank Thomas electric winch 2" lift springs -------------------------------------------------------- Got this as the new daily driver. Rough...
  3. JP147

    Options for 7.50R16

    Need some new tyres for my 5.5" split rims. There doesn't seem to be much in the 7.50x16 size, at the moment I am looking at getting the Dunlop Road Gripper but I want to know what other options there are. Anyone can recommend some good cheese cutters? Thanks
  4. JP147

    JP's HJ47 Troopy

    I have this Cruiser which is defected, I am going to have a go at getting it back on the road. It runs and drives well, has dual batteries, 2 fuel tanks, factory aircon with a second outlet in the back, and disc brakes on the front. After removing the soggy carpet and some layers of...
  5. JP147

    70 seats in a 40

    Are early 70 series troopy seats a bolt in fit to a HJ47 troopy? I want to know about the front seats as well as the rear side facing seats. Thanks.
  6. JP147

    Looking at buying a HJ47

    I plan to buy a HJ47 troopy to use as my daily driver and I have some questions. What are they like to live with? How hard is it to find air conditioning systems for them, and what kind of money do they cost? Are they are specific things I need to look out for when inspecting one to buy? Thanks
  7. JP147

    Hello from Adelaide

    Hello, I am Jeremy. I have recently bought a 1984 Subaru wagon as a useful daily driver. I am yet to take it offroading properly, but I want to use it for what it is made for and I will gradually add modifications to it. Recently my favourite offroading spots have been fenced off, so now I am...