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  1. Rojac

    South Australia - Change to Pastoral Act - PAR's

    To the mods, this would only be applicable to anyone in SA, move to wherever you may deem more suitable, if at all Taken from elsewhere... But it could impact those 4X4's here in SA. **Attention** The South Australia Government is trying to change legislation of the Pastoral Act, which...
  2. Rojac

    Staked Tyre

    Picked up a small stake into the internal top edge of the tyre, not technically the sidewall Dropped it in to the local tyre guy around the corner to plug it as I didn't have the time to do it myself. Guy said it was a sidewall stake and wouldn't repair it. The hole is on top of the tyre so...
  3. Rojac

    Error Message

    Tried to post in jokes and got this error msg The following error occurred: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forum/index.php on this server. Apache mod_fcgid/2.3.9 Server at 4x4earth.com Port 80
  4. Rojac

    Single Burner Butane Stove

    With the side gas canister, can anyone comment on how long does a canister last?
  5. Rojac

    Sqeaking Noise

    Have a 75 series and when I depress the clutch I get a sqeaky noise, no issues to date with engaging gears just beginning to become annoying. Hopefully its just something thats needs lubrication, but who knows Anyone shine any light on this Cheers
  6. Rojac

    Roof Lining

    The foam backed roof lining in my cab is starting to detach from the roof, what glue/adhesive can anyone recommend I use to stick it back. Its just the front and my intent is just to glue that rather than remove the lot
  7. Rojac

    Canvas Canopy

    Had a canvas canopy made just recently to a price point. Canopy ok but the zips that they installed are rubbish so much so that I've had then replaced twice so far in 6 months. It seems that the units are small and maybe not suited to purpose. The first one were paskal moulded zips of which the...
  8. Rojac

    80 Series Submarine

    Taken from FB, "supposedly" this morming on the way to Fraser
  9. Rojac

    18V Battery Platforms

    Which brand of 18V li ion batteries are recommended or is it much of a muchness. Looking at going down the cordless path ( currently have a mismatch of 18V cordless tools non with li ion batts though) like to buy a few batteries and then skins to suit when required Cheers
  10. Rojac


    Lifted from 4x4Aust from fb https://www.4x4australia.com.au/news/1612/isuzu-mu-x-155my-recalled
  11. Rojac


    Love it or hate it, who here has a profile
  12. Rojac

    Delete Thread Option

    Is this an option??
  13. Rojac

    Land Rover on Fire

  14. Rojac

    Wheel Alignment - Adelaide

    As it says who can recommend a good wheel aligner in Adelaide. Been to heaps over the years and always some issue, such as can't do it as the cv will pop, but still charge me as tyrepower did when I had some tyres fitted, get it back with the steering wheel crooked, my biggest gripe, excessive...
  15. Rojac

    Twin Post Battery

    Century do one, Overlander 4x4, does anyone else do one with twin posts as a starting battery. Have noticed several AGM deep cycle but only one start
  16. Rojac

    Crud Fuel

    Reckon picked up some crud diesel from Cunnumulla a couple of days ago. Realised after the fact that the storage tank was one of those rectangle above ground potable units ( whether that makes a difference ) Noticed that my consumption increased by about 2/100 and am getting 50km less per tank...
  17. Rojac

    Not Some Ones Day

    Just out of Gympie yesterday on our way to Hervey Bay I saw a tyre bouncie about 4 metres in the air then disappear over the edge of who knows what, then saw a cloud of what looked like dust, then I saw a newish knitted 70 landcruiser wagon, new mags and wheels,racks with a set of maxitracks...
  18. Rojac

    Fridge Set Up

    Am looking at picking up a fridge and hooking it up to a battery which I'll have in the back next to the fridge (ute tub) The intent will be to run a lead/s through a vsr to the d/c bat in the back Questions I have are: - 6 B&S wire big enough or should I go 8, distance from crank bat is about 1...
  19. Rojac

    4X4 Clubs - Membership/Opinions

    Any one in them and views on them Myself, joined the TLCCSA about 15 years ago but lasted 12 months, good concept for some, good information nights/technical or training days ( although I never attended any training days), discount at selected sponsors, good social environment for like...